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Something New on Gillian's Lists {Gillian's List of Links}

A very smart friend of mine gave me a great idea over a glass of franciacorta the other day. 

I am taking her advice and starting a new occasional topic here on Gillian's Lists of things I love called Gillian's Links. 


A Christmas Stroll { Rome}

We went back to the U.S. for the Christmas holidays once. That was over 20 years ago. Since the beaches of Camps Bay are not quite as accessible as they were when we lived in Harare, I prefer to stick closer to home. 


Alone in the Palace {Palazzo Farnese + Rome}

ceiling detail

Rome is filled with beautiful Palazzos that are filled with priceless art. I got to spend Monday evening in one of my very favorite ones, the Renaissance eraMichelangelo designed Palazzo Farnese, now home to the Embassy of France.


Classes and Shopping in Rome {C.R.E.T.A. Rome}

You probably still have christmas shopping left to do.  I know I do.  Last week's post is full of great ideas.  Here is one more. 


A {Christmas} List

I have a lot of talented friends. They are an eclectic group of writers, painters and groovy shop owners.

Here is my Christmas list of beautiful,useful and fun, mostly Italy themed things,to buy for your friends,for yourself,for the people you work with,your neighbor,or anyone one else on your list.


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas {in Rome}

With the celebration of La festa dell'Immacolata on December 8, the Christmas season in Rome has officially started.  The trees are up, the lights are lit and the shelves are full of Panettone and Pandoro.   


Got Visitors? {Revealed Rome Handbook}

I know, I say it a lot. Rome can be a confusing, chaotic place. And I live here. Say you have some visitors coming to town, and your boss just handed you a giant presentation to draft and it’s one child's school play and the other ones basketball game. You can not possibly be a tour guide. Again.


Monday Mornings {Breakfast in Rome}

Monday mornings in Rome are not the day to get anything done. 


Another Day Another Burger {Rome}

Another day another burger

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?   


The Bollywood Church {Rome}

This is one of my favorite churches in Rome

All unrestrained Baroque excess. Rich and lush and over the top. Kind of like a Bollywood film.


Beer and Burgers {Rome}

I was running some errands across the river in Prati the other day and passed by this spot in Piazza Risorgimento. Ever in search of a good hamburger in Rome, it was near enough to lunchtime so I stopped.


Autumn Escape {Ostia in November}

I am a summer girl. When the days grow shorter and colder I can't help but long for the August heat and a day spent at Da Adolfo.

There are a great many good things about living in Rome. Being close to the sea and mild weather are two of my favorites.


Dining with stars {Metamorfosi + Rome}

Roughly every three years or so, Dear Husband and I have lunch together during the week.   

Metamorfosi has long been on to try list, but the list of excuses was longer. It's in Parioli, a part of town I rarely venture too. It's quite fancy and gourmet and and DH is about as far from a foodie as a person can be, yadda, yadda, yadda. I just hadn't gotten around to it.


Sunshine, Pasta and Books {Da Enzo + Rome}

My pal Estelle was in town recently presenting her newly published book Finding Rome on the Map of Love.  

She arrived a few days before her events and we managed to spend a luxuriously long day catching up with coffee in sunny piazzas and browsing in favorite bookstores and most importantly enjoying some real Roman food, Something Estelle doesn't see much of in Geneva.


Zuppe {Books and Soup in Rome}

It is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Or hostess gifts, (like for example, the Thanksgiving feasts you are traveling to). The new cookbook Zuppe is the perfect choice. It is small, pretty AND supports a good cause.  Just go ahead and stock up and you are set for birthdays throughout the year.  


Bright Lights - Big City {Museums in Rome}

My pal Elizabeth has been taking these really great pictures on Instagram of Italian neon signs. I love typography, I love neon. it's a perfect combination.

If you love these things too, you have a few more days to see a really terrific exhibit at the Macro Museum 


Art and Music {Rome}

One of Gatsby's Parties
Kelly in a nutshell 

This crisp fall weekend was filled with culture.

Friday evening was opening night of John Cabot University's Italy Reads program and The English Theater of Rome's performance of The Great Gatsby.


Old Friends in Ancient Places {Flavio al Velavevodetto}

It is a busy time of year for Dear Husband. One positive that usually comes out of this crazy conference schedule is the opportunity to see old friends from posts past.

This past weekend was a Harare reunion with people we have known since our first days in Zimbabwe. Some now based here in Rome, others now living in Nairobi and Zanzibar and Johannesburg.


Peace and Quiet {Museums in Rome}

I recently had drinks and dinner with a group of friends, a polyglot mix of Americans, Canadians and Romans. One of the many lively conversations turned to space. Specifically how Rome can feel like it has very little of it. Apartments are small, sidewalks are crowded, traffic is tiresome, metro cars and buses are packed, lines (or lack there of) at the post office, the bakery, the very restaurant we were sitting in. You are confronted with people and personal space differences all day long.

I found a great place to take a break.


Meetings in Rome {Cibando, Pinsere and my favorite gelato}

It is funny how you meet people.

Rome can sometimes be such a small town.  A few years ago the Teenagers fifth grade teacher introduced me to another one of her beloved students. Who it ends up, I had been reading her blog for ages!


Wine and Music {Al Grammelot + Rome}

I love Rome's enoteche. They are the perfect spot to try out a new glass of wine, have a light or early-ish dinner of cheese and cured meats and sometimes even vegetables. There are a few that serve hot food.


Good to Know {Taverna Rossini + Rome}

There are lots of things to like about Taverna Rossini.  There are two in particular that make this a great spot to know about. 


Villas and Sunsets {Rome}

As I wrote about last week, it is a busy time of year for expats in Rome.  The event that I look most forward to in September is the sunset cocktail party to welcome the new fellows to the American Academy.  


Sandwiches for breakfast {Testaccio}

When I first moved to Rome, I was not charmed by the neighborhood markets.  After my years in Zimbabwe, with the currency volatility, the shortages and general difficulties getting the most basic of food items, I just wanted to go to the supermarket. Where the price was fixed, the shelves stocked and the whole experience was reliably predictable.   


Gardens and Prosecco {Rome}

In mid-September Rome starts to come back to life after the heat and quiet of August. For expats this means a flurry of cocktail parties and coffees with the various clubs, Associations and Academies to welcome new arrivals and welcome back longtime residents. 


In Real Life {+Wine}

Wine Bars in Rome

Wine Bars in Rome

I remember very clearly the first time I heard about twitter. It was a story on NPR and I thought it was the most ridiculous idea I had ever heard. Why on earth would I broadcast to the world what I was doing/thinking/eating? Who on earth would read it? 

How things change.

Fast forward to 2012 and I have to admit, Twitter has changed my life. I have made friends, changed neighborhoods, found paying work, gone on vacation. All because of Twitter.


Summer's End {Tree Bar +Rome}

Summer came to kind of an abrupt end this year.   There was a burst of thunder and then came the rain and gray skies, ending months of relentless heat overnight.  Of course the sun came back and Rome is now at her early Autumn loveliest, but the first cool, gray days were much appreciated.


{Capri} with Teenagers

Capri is my go-to spot for a summer celebration. Our wedding anniversary
and Dear Husbands birthday are both in high summer. With Capri and Positano both so close to Rome, I find it difficult to go anywhere else. 

This year  The Teenager  joined us for one last summer getaway from the late August, searing heat in Rome. 


A Detour {Ravello}

There have been terrible fires on the Amalfi Coast this summer. I hear it happens every year. It was terrible to smell the smoke and step in ash and watch the helicopters and planes go back and forth from the sea to mountain. For five days.


{Orvieto Quick Picks} - Sweet and Salty

During our recent escape from the Roman heat wave to the Villa Torre Alfina, we ventured over to nearby Orvieto to drop in on friends Steve and Linda (with the fabulous addition of Shelley

Here are a few my top picks in this pretty Umbrian town.