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Best Pizza in Positano {Covo dei Saraceni}

Best Pizza in Positano

Best Pizza in Positano

Once on a visit to Positano, I tweeted asking where the best pizza in Positano was and a very helpful local blogger answered back the Brasserie underneath the Hotel Covo Dei Saraceno.


Nashville, Tennessee {Where to Eat}

Tennessee is kind of a funny state. With it's long and skinny shape, it is really kind of three different states than one unified place. From my hometown in eastern Tennessee, Washington DC is almost closer than Memphis.  When I was growing up we would visit the Smoky Mountains or the Isle of Palms in South Carolina or go all the south to Florida. We never went west. Which means we never went to Nashville, the state capitol. Which is less than two hours away.  Nashville is a hot spot for all kinds of reasons right now, one of my favorite TV shows is set there and it is a very important place for the music and publishing industry. This past summer on the big college tour trip to America, we scheduled a few days in Music City. This is what we ate and drank. 


Venice {Where to Shop}

Where to Shop in Venice

Even though my trip to Venice was all about the art,  I did manage to squeeze in a teensy tiny bit of shopping.  


Beer in Rome {L'Antica Birreria Peroni}

We had a lot of visitors this summer. A great thing about having visitors is that they notice different things than I do.  I have probably walked past great places a thousand times with a blind eye.  One of our summer visitors noticed just one of these places as we were taking a short cut from the Monti neighborhood to the Fontana di Trevi.  This visiting beer lover literally stopped in his tracks and asked "what is this place?" 

This place was the L'Antica Birreria Peroni,  located just around the corner from Piazza Venezia.  Originally a horse stable and once a place of religious miracles, this spot has been serving cold beer and hearty food since 1906. 


Midnight Gelato {Capri}

Gelato in Capri

Gelato in Capri

Summer lingers in Italy.  There are still a few evenings left to enjoy before the autumn chill arrives.  A midnight gelato is the perfect way to bid farewell to summer. 


Philadelphia {Where to Eat}

Our time in Philadelphia was very short and mostly taken up by a very in-depth tour of the very impressive Drexel University.  We did manage  a quick coffee with a long lost pal and some excellent eating.