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Instagram Guide to the Best Pizza in Rome

If you are following me over on Instagram you have probably seen my series of mini-guides. I am expanding them here on my blog. Bookmark my Instagram Guide to the Best Pizza in Rome


How to enjoy the pleasures of Rome in August

Chiuso per Ferie Rome in August

Empty Rome near the Vatican

I wrote this piece last year making my case for staying in Rome for August. The website where it was originally published no longer exists so I will repost it here. 

You can find more of my August in Rome resources in this updated post.

Rome in August is a wonderful thing. That is not necessarily the most popular opinion. Most Romans leave the city for cooler Alpine climes or a spot under an umbrella somewhere along the literally thousands of kilometers of Italy’s shoreline. For those of us who stay there is a wonderful unflustered vibe to the usually chaotic city. You need to be a little more flexible if you are planning on spending time in Rome in August but armed with a few key tips you can experience your own Nanni Moretti in Caro Diaro moments. 



Instagram guide to the island of Ponza

My latest Instagram guide is to the island of Ponza, seven thin kilometers of volcanic rock that sits in the Tyrrhenian Sea in between Rome and Naples. 

If you have been following me for a while you know how much I love the island. I have made dozens of trips over the years. I have hiked empty trails in deepest winter & snagged the last table at Bar Tripoli on summer weekends when every seat on every ferry crossing is full. I am sharing some of my island secrets in this post but there is much more (like hotels & ferry information) in my updated e-book guide, Ponza Travel Essentials, that is available on Amazon.


Instagram Guide to the Best Pasta in Rome

Here is an expanded version of my Instagram guide to the best pasta in Rome.

Who doesn’t love a plate of pasta? We are not afraid of carbs here in the Longworth McGuire house and Roman classics are what we crave.

I am an Amatriciana girl. My son Noah, loves carbonara , and my husband, Mark orders cacio e pepe. Every. Single. Time.

We all love Gricia (because guanciale AND cheese? )

Tell me your favorite pasta dish in the comments and make sure thhat you bookmark this mini guide to some of my picks for pasta in Rome


How you can help Italy during the Coronavirus lockdown

How you can help Italy during the Coronavirus lockdown

How you can help Italy during the Coronavirus lockdown

People in the United States are waking up to the news about a containment zone in New York State. I know how you feel. Here in Italy, we are weeks ahead of you. Just last week Rome was very quiet but the thinking was if you can come visit, please do. Things changed quickly.

On Saturday I flew to London for a travel conference. I see now in retrospect that I was cavalier about how serious this virus and its knock-on effects were. I woke up in the middle of the night to the news about severe restrictions in Lombardy and the Veneto. It soon progressed into the declaration of a complete nationwide lockdown. On Facebook the other day I talked about how we like to make fun of Italy and the general chaos of everyday life here but make no mistake, when it comes to a crisis you want the Italians making the plan. Italy has been extremely organized in its response.

My time in London had a surreal quality. My pal Agnes put it best. I too felt like I was a few episodes ahead on a television show wanting to shout at everyone to stand a meter apart and to stop touching everything. I canceled my meetings and got one of the very last flights from London to Rome.

When I landed, Fiumicino airport and Termini train station were almost empty. My street which is normally very busy and full of people in wine bars and restaurants was shuttered and silent at 9pm on Tuesday evening. Mark is teleworking from the guest room. We have all been asked to stay at home only leaving (alone) to grocery shop or take walks. We must keep at least a meter away from each other and everything shuts at 6pm. This article explains why doing this is so important in containing the effects of the virus.

Your plans have probably been dramatically altered too but 
while we wait, there is plenty that you can do to help Italy during the Coronovirus lockdown. 


The best swimming pool in Capri - La Canzone del Mare

The best swimming pool in Capri - La Canzone del Mare

The best swimming pool in Capri - La Canzone del Mare

So here’s the thing about Capri. It is actually pretty difficult to go to the beach. Most of the island action happens in the Piazzetta which doesn’t even have a sea view. Despite what many travel writers claim, there are no sand beaches in Capri. There are pebbly coves and slabs of rocks where umbrellas and sunbeds are perched above a blue and emerald sea. Most of the best spots to swim can only be reached by boat. There is another option that rarely gets talked about though. I have a favorite swimming pool in Capri that I can't wait to share with you.

Before I get to that another important thing to know about Capri is to be prepared to walk. Even if you have booked a five-star hotel or villa. Capri is a pedestrian town. To get to the beach, the boat you booked for an island cruise, and that fancy sunset cocktail overlooking the Faraglioni, you will be getting your steps in. Things are a little bit different over on the other side of the island Anacapri, but that’s for another time.


Instagram Guide to the Best Coffee in Rome

Over on my Instagram account I have been posting a series of mini-guides to my favorite places in Rome and Venice. They have been a big hit.

I can only use 2,200 characters in an Instagram caption so I thought I would expand the guides over here on my blog. Let's start with my very first post. Keep reading for my guide to the best coffee in Rome.