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It is still Christmastime in Rome.  The holiday extends all the way to January 6th here.   


What's for dinner?

Dear Husband is away on a work retreat for a few days...and it's thanksgiving week.  So I am not planning on doing much cooking.  I would be happy with cold cereal in the kitchen, but the teenager requires a bit more than that after a day or two. Thankfully there is a new place in the neighborhood.


Cocktails in Circeo

For those last lazy HOT days of August we fled the relentless heat and escaped about 2 hours south to San Felice Circeo.


Hot as Blazes

I love Rome in August.  I love the shuttered shops with their varied chiuso per ferie signs, I love no traffic and abundant parking, I love the long, lazy, empty days.


Winter in Firenze

An old friend from high school just asked for advice on Florence.  

We spent a few days there before Christmas escaping the chaos of the endless apartment renovation happening in Rome. 

 It is now almost are the things we loved.


Along For the Ride {Perugia}

 I am pretty much always up for an adventure.  Dear Husband had been swamped at work (read. at work on saturdays) and the Teenager had been spending every waking moment at school preparing for his school spring musical or at band practice.  So when my friend Tamara asked did I want to go to Perugia with her for the weekend - of course I said yes.  I was less interested in the prurient details of the Amanda Knox trial than I was about the chocolate, but I hopped into the very cute cinquecentro and away we went.


A Day of La Dolce Vita

Find my Nile Guide guest post here.


Newcomers {Lunch in Ceveteri}

I love newcomers to Rome. Their fresh eyes and optimism are great medicine to the everyday routine that one falls into anywhere, no matter how enchanting a place it is.

This normal monday morning, with a long list of unpleasant phone calls and errands ahead of me, I get a phone call from a couple who has packed up their lovely comfortable life and family in northern California for an Italian adventure. "we have a car - let's go for lunch in the country" now faced with boring everyday life or a sunny jaunt to an etruscan town for a lazy delicious lunch....what would you pick?

If you find yourself in cerveteri on a monday at lunchtime take the advice given by the owner of what was recommended to us as one of the best restaurants in Lazio (closed on mondays) and go to the beautifully renovated Il Cavallino Bianco. Order everything the charming waiters recommend (we had fresh pasta with porcini and polenta with sausages and puntarelle (with chili!) and one of the best carciofi alla romana I have ever had.