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Winter in Ponza

Winter in Ponza_Ponza in Inverno

Winter in Ponza_Ponza in Inverno

We rang in 2016 on the island of Capri and that was pretty terrific. For 2017 we wanted to welcome what is likely going to be a turbulent twelve months a chill vibe in a place we loved. We considered just staying at home in Rome or maybe going up to Venice but in the end made the bold choice to head to our favorite summer destination and see what winter in Ponza was like.


Bar del Chiostro - Ospedale Nuovo Regina Margherita {Coffee in Rome}

Coffee in Rome

Coffee in Rome

When you live in Rome it can be easy to get inured to the remarkable. I don't ever forget that I am exceptionally lucky to walk past the Colosseum on my way to the grocery store or that the route to my yoga studio includes crossing a centuries-old bridge, but it is my normal.

The other day I wanted to take a different walk home and decided to finally stop at the much written about hidden cloisters in the Regina Margherita hospital. There is a reason that so many people write about this place. Here are my two (euro) cents.