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Lunch with the Locals

I find the Tridente area of Rome a difficult one to find a quick, affordable and most importantly good bite to eat..and then friend at the British Council recently reminded me of this fantastic spot.


What to do in Naples {Beautiful Chaos}

Naples is much maligned, and it is indeed not for every taste. I will even admit to buying into the fear factor casually thrown about about - danger lurking at every corner and every interaction a scam.

This summer we actually thought about it. Three coups, one mutinyone stray bullet, over a decade of living in volatile african countries between us. We couldn't figure out what to be so afraid of, so south we went.


Mid-summer on the Amalfi Coast

Mid-summer on the Amalfi Coast

This summer we put the teenager on a plane to his grandmother's in Tennessee and escaped the stifling heat of Rome and headed south for a few days wandering the fabled Amalfi Coast. 

Here are the details of all the places we loved.