A Weekend in Tuscany {La Bandita Townhouse + Piscine del Sole + Bagno Vignoni}


Weekend in Tuscany

Weekend in Tuscany

After an extraordinary visit to a fantastical castle in Tuscany a few weeks ago we decided since we had driven all the way to Tuscany we should probably just make a weekend of it.

While we spend a lot of time in the countryside, it is usually at a friends house where we sleep late, cook and read by the pool or fire depending on the season. There is sometimes a little bit of exploring, maybe even a visit to a pretty hill town. That means while we have visited lots of places we almost never stay for more than a few hours in those pretty hill towns. In the spirit of doing something different, I sent an email to an Instagram pal who just happens to own the very chic hotel La Bandita Townhouse in the town of Pienza smack in the middle of one of the most picture perfect parts of Tuscany and very near one of our favorite hot springs.

What to do in Rome on a Rainy Day {Catacombs Tour + The Roman Guy}


What to do in Rome on a Rainy Day

What to do in Rome on a Rainy Day

Statistics show that Rome has a yearly average of 2273 hours of sunshine. But as we all know, not every day can be filled with blue skies. On a recent drizzly morning I was invited by The Roman Guy to head underground, safe and dry from the chaos that reigns (see what I did there?)when they skies unleash in the eternal city.

How to Visit Sammezzano Castle + Tuscany


Sammezzano Castle Tuscany

I am not one to try my luck. I don't buy scratch cards, or enter contests and almost never gamble. Though maybe I should. The one time I played a slot machine it was with a quarter I found on a Las Vegas casino floor. I popped it into the the first slot machine I saw and hit a $200 jackpot! I didn't press my luck though. I walked right off the casino floor and bought a cashmere shawl that I still wear today. Improbably, I recently hit a different kind of jackpot. This particular win was more cultural than monetary, but I will take my luck in whatever it's form. Even better when that form is a rare visit to an abandoned castle in the Tuscan countryside.

Museums in Rome { Musei Nazionale Romana }


Museums in Rome Musei Nazionale Romana

Museums in Rome, Musei Nazionale Romana

Walks of Italy and CoopCulture gave me a gift for my birthday. They didn't know it was my birthday, but I celebrated the recent October day (and the day before and the day after; birthdays should be indulgent right? ) with a walk around Rome with some of my favorite pals and by visiting the four museums of the Musei Nazionale Romana

What to do in Amsterdam {Eating Amsterdam Food Tours + Where to Find The Fault in Our Stars Bench}


What to do in Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam

As a final hurrah to end a fabulous summer I recently zipped off to Amsterdam with an adventurous pal where we walked, ate, drank, shopped and talked our way through the streets of this charming and efficient city. 

Here are my tips for the best things to do in Amsterdam. 

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