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Easter in Capri

Easter in Capri I

Easter in Capri

Apologies for neglecting y'all over here. I have been distracted by purple wisteria and blue spring skies. Oh and a whole bunch of writing for places and people other than my personal blog. 

While I get better at the blog/work/life/cocktail balance you can read about my picks for some of Italy's best islands over on the website The Culture Trip. There are also daily walks around Rome over on my Instagram stories. Just look for the little circle in my profile and click for plenty of cobblestones, ancient ruins and coffee breaks.

For now here are some pictures of Capri from our quick island getaway that we took over the Easter weekend. 

It will be back to regular programming soon. Promise.


Trattoria Perilli {Eat Like a Roman}

Where to eat in Testaccio

Everyone has their favorite places. And tends to stick to them. When I feel like a plate of Roman pasta I head to Flavio in Testaccio or Da Nazzareno near Termini. If we have visitors that almost always means a meal at Taverna Fori Imperiali. I know that there are plenty of other choices, but I really am a creature of habit. That doesn't mean I am not happy to try someone else's standby. 

On one of the first real spring afternoons I tagged along on an incredible tour of the Monte Testaccio and we had lunch nearby at my pal Elizabeth's Roman restaurant of choice, Trattoria Perilli.


Spring in Rome

Spring in Rome

Spring in Rome

I just heard the weather report for this weekend in Boston and Cape Cod. This blog post is dedicated to you hearty New England souls.

There is a saying in Italian that  Marzo è pazzo, March is crazy and usually this is true. I can remember March days with wild wind and dark clouds and fierce claps of thunder. Not this year. March 2017 has been blue skies and warm sun and this week, the trees and vines have started to turn green and the wisteria is in bloom with it's sweet purple scent. 

So for those of you enduring for another gray cold weekend I hope these pictures of spring in Rome bring you at least the promise of sunny day.


Breakfast Delivery in Rome {Le Panier}

Le Panier Breakfast Delivery Rome

Le Panier Breakfast Delivery Rome

Breakfast is a meal that get a short shrift in my house. I am perfectly happy with a big mug of coffee until lunchtime. (Unless I am in America and then I am all about a poppy seed bagel with lox.) Most mornings I am at my computer or in the yoga studio so making something for breakfast just doesn't  happen.  There other morning I tried something new. Breakfast delivery. Yes you read that correctly. There is breakfast delivery in Rome. And it includes avocado toast.


Osteria Bonelli {Eat Like a Roman}

Osteria Bonelli Rome

Osteria Bonelli Rome

The last thing I need is more plates. I have more than enough. They have been collected two by two over the past three decades from fancy shops in Cape Town and Hermanus, dusty stalls in Marrakech, garages and backyard pottery studios in Harare, in Umbrian hill towns and beachside shacks in Positano.  Nothing matches, but somehow they all go together. All that said, when my other ceramic fanatic pal called with a lead on a large collection of Buon Riccordo plates I somehow could not find it in me to say no.


Behind the Keyhole at the Villa del Priorato di Malta

Behind the Keyhole at the Villa del Priorato di Malta Rome

Behind the Keyhole at the Villa del Priorato di Malta Rome

One of the hallmarks of the Longworth McGuire death march of fun that we subject anyone that comes to visit us here in Rome is a trip the Aventine hill to peek trough the keyhole at the door of the Villa del Priorato di Malta. The Piaranese designed view of Saint Peter’s basilica perfectly framed by a long row of cypress trees is always a thrill. Did you know that a fews day a year you can go behind that green door?