How to Visit Sammezzano Castle + Tuscany


Sammezzano Castle Tuscany

I am not one to try my luck. I don't buy scratch cards, or enter contests and almost never gamble. Though maybe I should. The one time I played a slot machine it was with a quarter I found on a Las Vegas casino floor. I popped it into the the first machine I saw and hit a $200 jackpot! I didn't press my luck though. I walked right off the casino floor and bought a cashmere shawl that I still wear today. Improbably, I recently hit a different kind of jackpot. This particular win was more cultural than monetary, but I will take my luck in whatever it's form. Even better when that form is a rare visit to an abandoned castle in the Tuscan countryside.

Museums in Rome { Musei Nazionale Romana }


Museums in Rome Musei Nazionale Romana

Museums in Rome, Musei Nazionale Romana

Walks of Italy and CoopCulture gave me a gift for my birthday. They didn't know it was my birthday, but I celebrated the recent October day (and the day before and the day after; birthdays should be indulgent right? ) with a walk around Rome with some of my favorite pals and by visiting the four museums of the Musei Nazionale Romana

What to do in Amsterdam {Eating Amsterdam Food Tours + Where to Find The Fault in Our Stars Bench}


What to do in Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam

As a final hurrah to end a fabulous summer I recently zipped off to Amsterdam with an adventurous pal where we walked, ate, drank, shopped and talked our way through the streets of this charming and efficient city. 

Here are my tips for the best things to do in Amsterdam. 

Eating in Rome {Healthy Choices in Monti}


Eating in Rome {Healthy Choices in Monti}

Eating in Rome {Healthy Choices in Monti}

I love food. I love to shop for food, read about food, think about food and obviously eat delicious food. Rome is a wonderful place for a food lover to live with the endless plates of pastas with bold hearty sauces, thin crusted pizzas, creamy gelato, graft beer, decadent pastries. I love it all.

But, as with all good things, there needs to be a balance. After a very indulgent summer of lots of travel and even more eating (and yes cocktails too) I am back on my yoga mat and craving plates piled high with fresh vegetables and spicy vitamin packed juices. Luckily I live in Monti, one of Rome's best neighborhoods where on the via Urbana there are three terrific options for when you are in need of a break from the Italian carb-a-thon.

Where to Stay on the Rimini Riveria {Hotel Eliseo + Bellaria Igea Marina}


Where to Stay on the Rimini Riveria  // Hotel Eliseo //  Bellaria Igea Marina

Where to Stay on the Rimini Riveria  // Hotel Eliseo //  Bellaria Igea Marina

A wise friend of mine once said to me, “I think that Americans misunderstand Italians”

She went on to explain that Americans see Italians as passionate but she insists that that is not really the case. “Italians, she explains, are sentimental”

After a stay at charming Hotel Eliseo in Bellaria Igea Marina near Rimini I think I finally understand what she was saying.
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