Colline Emiliane {Eating in Rome}


Eating in Rome  Colline Emiliane

Eating in Rome I Colline Emiliane

I have been traveling a lot. Which I love. I got to spend a week in both an empty and Venice and Capri last month. I highly recommend doing that. But. Traveling a lot means that when I am finally back in Rome I am playing catch up and staying home. Thankfully my pal Elyssa knows just when to insist I leave the house. Last week we met for lunch at one of her favorite places that has long been on my to do list, Colline Emiliane.

Winter in Venice


Winter in Venice

Winter in Venice

I think the secret is out. When I was in Venice last week two magazines published articles describing the wonders of visiting Venice in January. They are not wrong. The watery city which just about every other month of the year is crammed with long lines and people with selfie sticks is gloriously empty. If you are worried about the weather, don't. We had great weather. A moment of drizzle, with a side of Aqua Alta, evocative misty nights and a ridiculously sunny day. Wear comfortable winter boots and a warm coat and you will be just fine. Here are five things I recommend for a winter trip to Venice.

Hamburgers in Rome {Urbana 47}


Hamburgers in Rome

I haven't always loved Urbana 47, but I am always one to give something a second chance.

A few weeks ago, after our wonderful cocktail experience at Suburra 1930 we headed to Tricolore only to find it packed and with a long wait. That's what happens when you order that second cocktail on a Saturday night. We crossed the street to Urbana 47 to see if they could squeeze us in.

Winter in Capri - What to Do and Where to Eat


Winter in Capri

Winter in Capri

Winter in Capri

I am an equal opportunity beach lover. I love the beach as much on a gray winter day as on a hot summer one. In that stretch of days I between Christmas and New Years we hit the road for a winter island adventure on the island of Capri. 

Save for one person, when I mentioned we would be on Capri in December people got a dreamy look in their eyes and declared "Capri is magical in the winter." I am happy to report to the one holdout, Everyone knew what they were talking about. 

Italy Christmas Gift Guide 2015 {Gillian's Links}


I have been reading a lot of articles about how much more valuable experiences vs things are. This past summer my best college pal and I spent hours reading, discussing and putting into practice the Marie Kondo philosophy of less stuff and sparking joy. This years Italy Christmas Gift Guide is perfect for the last minute gift giver and anyone who is planning a trip to Italy. This year it’s all about an experience and not a physical thing.

Cocktails in Rome {Suburra 1930}


Cocktails in Rome

Cocktails in Rome

For some reason it is surprisingly difficult to get a good cocktail in Monti. All those articles claiming my neighborhood is so hip and trendy and the yet cocktail scene has been pretty much limited to a Negroni in the Piazza. Things are finally changing.

Last Saturday my pal Elizabeth sent me a text asking if Mark and I wanted to meet her and Domenico for a burger. That is a request I never say no to. Since it was Saturday and we live in what is billed as the hip and trendy neighborhood we though let's start with a cocktail and I remembered spotting an very well designed Art Deco style sign in a once abandoned corner near the Cavour Metro stop.
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