Palazzos in Rome {Palazzo Sacchetti}


Palazzo Sacchetti // Rome

Palazzo Sacchetti // Rome

So many of Rome's treasures are accessible. I walk past the Coliseum and the Forum at least three or four times a day.  You can see dramatic Caravaggio paintings in several churches dotted about town.  Byzantine mosaics, church relics, grand baroque fountains and vine covered alleys are all yours for the proverbial taking.

But Rome is a city of secrets too.  She hides away many of her charms behind closed doors and complicated bureaucracy. These capricious treasures are available to you often only through sheer good fortune.

Last week I was invited to peek behind one of these closed doors by the team behind the beautiful website Italian Ways.  A groups of Italian and American bloggers, historians and Instagrammers spent a sunny Saturday morning learning about the elegant via Guilia and the Palazzo Sacchetti Designed by Antonio da Sangallo in the mid-500's. If you have watched Paolo Sorrentino's sumptuous award winning film, La Grande Bellezza you have seen glimpses of this extraordinary place.

Rome through Fellini's Eyes


About life in Rome I often say "Fellini is not fiction" The chaos and grit is just as much a part of Rome as the beauty and the light. You can not have one without the other. This juxtaposition of the eponymous sacred and profane is what makes me love Rome so.  

The Rome that Director Federico Fellini showed us in his films is indeed the "real"  Rome.  He often spoke of his lack of distinction between realism and imagination.  In Rome today as in the time of Fellini you can have coffee in Piazza del Popolo, walk the beautiful via Margutta and indulge in the pastries he so loved. While you enjoy these pleasures, you will most likely dodge errant scooters and be besieged with crowds and noise. That is La Dolce Vita. 

Malaysian in Rome {Court Delicati}


One of the food styles I eat the most of when I am away from Rome is Asian. Drunken Thai noodles, Vietnamese Pho, Korean BBQ and comfort food like General Tsao's chicken are some of things I make a beeline for as soon as we land. Rome has good Korean, and our neighborhood has good for Sunday night take-out Chinese, but I often find the Asian meals we have tried to be expensive and not quite flavorful enough.

Last week my husband's new boss invited us to try Malaysian cuisine. The restaurant Court Delicati is right next to FAO and somehow one of those places I have never been to.

Hamburgers in Rome { da Valentino + Monti}


Hamburgers in Rome { da Valentino + Monti}

Hamburgers in Rome { da Valentino + Monti}

Most of the spots where you find a menu with a hamburger in Rome are new. Places that are new in style and character, serving meals in bright dining rooms at virtually any time of day. Da Valentino is not that kind of place.
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