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Mini-Guide to Budapest Hungary {Where to Eat, Drink and Shop}

Mini-Guide to Budapest Hungary {Where to Eat, Drink and Shop}

Mini-Guide to Budapest Hungary {Where to Eat, Drink and Shop}

When I first married my husband on a beach in Benin, he had a job that required him to travel all over west Africa. A decade later he covered 28 countries in southern Africa. I rarely went with him on these trips mostly because they were work trips and partly because I had a little kid at home and partly because I wasn't all that interested in staying in a grim hotel room in Malawi while he was at meetings all day long.

When we moved to Rome his job changed, his travel docket came to an abrupt stop and he has been home for the last ten years. As is the case with most things you grow accustomed to, things change. All of a sudden he is traveling again for work. Instead of African capitals, though there are still a few of those on his to do list, he also gets asked to go to meetings in European capitals. Noah is away at school, my work is flexible and Mark is finally going to places where I am happy to tag along. A few weeks ago he had a couple of days of meetings in Budapest. For some reason this European city was not really on my radar. I guess that a lack of coastline had somehow struck it off the list in my mind. Let me be the one to tell you if it is not there already put Budapest on your radar. It is beautiful, easy, affordable and delicious.


La Tavernetta {Eat Like a Roman}

Where to Eat on the via Appia Antica

My overseas life as an adult began in Niger, a dusty expanse of the Sahel just south of the Sahara. I went there somewhat blindly and very unexperienced and I was younger than most of my colleagues by about a decade. That meant that I made friends with the young marines who guarded the US Embassy and with Peace Corps volunteers. Both of these groups of people have had a profound effect on my life aside from my not being a member of either group. I met my husband at a Friday movie night at the Marine House and Peace Corps volunteers have been our friends and colleagues for the many decades that have passed in between those hot sandy days and our current life in Rome.

We have now reached that point in adulthood where our friends children are are graduating from college and making their first steps into their grown-up futures. A few nights ago a colleague of Mark’s invited us to dinner to share our wisdom about life in west Africa with his son who is about to leave for his Peace Corps assignment. Dinner was planned at a restaurant across the street from their house, which I have to say a quick word about. They live on the Appia Antica, one of the oldest roads in Rome, and the apartment is inside the mausoleum of Emperor Caracalla's brother. Only in Rome.


Easter in Capri

Easter in Capri I

Easter in Capri

Apologies for neglecting y'all over here. I have been distracted by purple wisteria and blue spring skies. Oh and a whole bunch of writing for places and people other than my personal blog. 

While I get better at the blog/work/life/cocktail balance you can read about my picks for some of Italy's best islands over on the website The Culture Trip. There are also daily walks around Rome over on my Instagram stories. Just look for the little circle in my profile and click for plenty of cobblestones, ancient ruins and coffee breaks.

For now here are some pictures of Capri from our quick island getaway that we took over the Easter weekend. 

It will be back to regular programming soon. Promise.


Trattoria Perilli {Eat Like a Roman}

Where to eat in Testaccio

Everyone has their favorite places. And tends to stick to them. When I feel like a plate of Roman pasta I head to Flavio in Testaccio or Da Nazzareno near Termini. If we have visitors that almost always means a meal at Taverna Fori Imperiali. I know that there are plenty of other choices, but I really am a creature of habit. That doesn't mean I am not happy to try someone else's standby. 

On one of the first real spring afternoons I tagged along on an incredible tour of the Monte Testaccio and we had lunch nearby at my pal Elizabeth's Roman restaurant of choice, Trattoria Perilli.


Spring in Rome

Spring in Rome

Spring in Rome

I just heard the weather report for this weekend in Boston and Cape Cod. This blog post is dedicated to you hearty New England souls.

There is a saying in Italian that  Marzo è pazzo, March is crazy and usually this is true. I can remember March days with wild wind and dark clouds and fierce claps of thunder. Not this year. March 2017 has been blue skies and warm sun and this week, the trees and vines have started to turn green and the wisteria is in bloom with it's sweet purple scent. 

So for those of you enduring for another gray cold weekend I hope these pictures of spring in Rome bring you at least the promise of sunny day.


Breakfast Delivery in Rome {Le Panier}

Le Panier Breakfast Delivery Rome

Le Panier Breakfast Delivery Rome

Breakfast is a meal that get a short shrift in my house. I am perfectly happy with a big mug of coffee until lunchtime. (Unless I am in America and then I am all about a poppy seed bagel with lox.) Most mornings I am at my computer or in the yoga studio so making something for breakfast just doesn't  happen.  There other morning I tried something new. Breakfast delivery. Yes you read that correctly. There is breakfast delivery in Rome. And it includes avocado toast.