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Rome and Italy Travel Consulting

Sunset over the Roman Forum

You have heard the news. Travel is now allowed to Italy! Time to book those flights, and tests. You are going to have to take a lot of tests. Don’t forget pack your masks. Italy has an indoor and outdoor mask mandate. We also have a 10pm Midnight curfew. 

Now comes the fun part. Planning what you will do when you get get here. 

Are you overwhelmed? Wondering how to travel in a way that benefits a place that has endured a punishing 15 months? I can can help. Sign up for my Rome and Italy travel consulting services

Gillian Longworth McGuire in front of Chiaia di Luna, Ponza

Why me?

I have lived in Rome for 15 years. I live next door to the Colosseum and have walked almost every street in the historic center. 

I stayed in Rome throughout Italy’s 2020 strict lockdown and for the slow one step forward two steps back reopening. I know who has survived this challenging time and is ready to welcome back thoughtful visitors. I know what is open and when. I know about the museums and art exhibits that need advance reservations. 

Pantheon at twilight

I can tell you where to eat near the Fontana di Trevi and who is the best guide for a spin around the Vatican museums or a market tour of Trastevere. 

Want to hear about about a church built by grocers or where to find the relics of Saint Valentine? I’m your girl. 

I don’t book hotels, but I can tell you about some great ones. 

I don't handle transportation or transfers, but if you want that, I know the person who does. 

Sunset in Canareggio, Venice

What about Venice? 

I am careful not to call myself a Venice expert because I live on terra-firma, but I can find my way around the maddening beautiful Serenissima. 

I know about private dinners in Venetian gardens, and an appointment only quirky art collection on a lagoon island. I can point you in the direction of glass blowers, fisherman and jazz musicians. 

spaghetti in front of turquoise sea in Palmarola

And Ponza? 

I am an expert on the island of Ponza

weeds & wildflowers in the Roman Forum

Let’s go! 

Send me an email and we can schedule a call or even better, coffee in the piazza and we can get started on planning your trip! 


  1. Any idea why Italy is requiring fully vaccinated American tourists must self isolate for 10 days??Ciao Barry

    1. Hi Barry:

      You do not have to isolate if you take one of the approved Covid-free flights. Check with American/Delta/Alitalia for more details