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I have collaborated with the travel company Citalia, the Tuscany Tourism Board and the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce as well as been part of a number of travel blogger trips. Email me for my media kit and more information.

Here are some places where you can find me talking about the things I love all over Italy.

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AFAR - Local Expert. I created online guides to the Amalfi Coast and Florence
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Beyond Borders - One of 30 Expatriate women around the world featured in this best-selling book.
Browsing Italy - Contributor
Business Insider - Locals Reveal the Best Things to do in Rome.

Citalia - Secret Eats (Capri)  
Culture Trip - Italy Beaches and Islands Correspondent 
ChriChri - Insiders Guide - Rome
Conde Nast Traveler Instagram Takeovers for Capri and Rome
Devour Rome Food Tours - Rome Local Tips
The Daily Beast - Interviewed for the story - American Travelers Are All Vaxed Up With Nowhere New to Go
Eating Italy Food Tours - Hidden Secrets of Rome: Beach Day-Trips
Girl in Florence - Locals I Love Feature 

The Grand Wine Tour - Best Beaches in TuscanyNose to Tail: where to eat la trippa in Rome and Florence
InfatuationWhere To Eat & Stay In Rome
Italy Magazine - Day Tripper - Capri
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Italy Magazine - Italy's Restaurants Guide by Italy's Top Food Bloggers 

Italy Segreta  - How to Enjoy the Pleasures of Rome in August
Italy Traveller - Basking on the Amalfi Coast
Italy: 100 Locals Tell You Where to Go, What to Eat and How to Fit in, Contributor - Some of my favorite places in Rome

Localeur - Rome Local Tips
Luxos - Discovering Rome's Immersive Experiences; Beyond Pasta: Roman Cuisine with a Difference.; 5 Rome Aperitivo bars that are too good to miss; The Best Coffee Bars in Rome; Monti: A Shopping Guide.
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Napoli Unplugged - Blogging about how to get to the Amalfi Coast and more.
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OZY - A Secret Island Hideaway Near Rome 
Play Your Tuscany - Blog Tour
TripAdvisor - Guides to Capri, Amalfi, Lucca, and Tuscany

The Telegraph - Hotel Reviews
Touring Bird Tog Along- Rome Local Tips, Venice Tips, Amalfi Coast Tips
Urbs Travel - Contributor
The Washington Post - Interviewed for the story Tourists are back in Rome, including some with American accents
The Washington Post - Interviewed for the story Exploring Italy without a car


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