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Something New on Gillian's Lists {Gillian's List of Links}

A very smart friend of mine gave me a great idea over a glass of franciacorta the other day. 

I am taking her advice and starting a new occasional topic here on Gillian's Lists of things I love called Gillian's Links. 


A Christmas Stroll { Rome}

We went back to the U.S. for the Christmas holidays once. That was over 20 years ago. Since the beaches of Camps Bay are not quite as accessible as they were when we lived in Harare, I prefer to stick closer to home. 


Alone in the Palace {Palazzo Farnese + Rome}

ceiling detail

Rome is filled with beautiful Palazzos that are filled with priceless art. I got to spend Monday evening in one of my very favorite ones, the Renaissance eraMichelangelo designed Palazzo Farnese, now home to the Embassy of France.


Classes and Shopping in Rome {C.R.E.T.A. Rome}

You probably still have christmas shopping left to do.  I know I do.  Last week's post is full of great ideas.  Here is one more. 


A {Christmas} List

I have a lot of talented friends. They are an eclectic group of writers, painters and groovy shop owners.

Here is my Christmas list of beautiful,useful and fun, mostly Italy themed things,to buy for your friends,for yourself,for the people you work with,your neighbor,or anyone one else on your list.


It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas {in Rome}

With the celebration of La festa dell'Immacolata on December 8, the Christmas season in Rome has officially started.  The trees are up, the lights are lit and the shelves are full of Panettone and Pandoro.   


Got Visitors? {Revealed Rome Handbook}

I know, I say it a lot. Rome can be a confusing, chaotic place. And I live here. Say you have some visitors coming to town, and your boss just handed you a giant presentation to draft and it’s one child's school play and the other ones basketball game. You can not possibly be a tour guide. Again.


Monday Mornings {Breakfast in Rome}

Monday mornings in Rome are not the day to get anything done.