Monday Mornings {Breakfast in Rome}

Monday mornings in Rome are not the day to get anything done. 

Many small neighborhood shops are closed, opening only in the late afternoon and most supermarkets are picked clean from weekend shoppers and are not restocked until late in the day.

Even after all these years here, I still wake up on Mondays and think I can knock most of my to-dos off the list. 

I have slowly adjusted and now mostly schedule that time for writing, researching, planning and do not try to go out there and meet with frustration.

I have this one friend whose only real day off is Monday. It's like a Sunday for him. The other day he was in the mood for a Sunday-style breakfast and called me with a new find to try. Mr. Clood in Trastevere. Another adventure across the river.

While they were not really open (it was monday morning after all)  and not serving breakfast,  Papa in the kitchen was convinced to fry a few eggs for us.

The Eggs Benedict are outstanding, perfectly cooked eggs and a zingy, lemony sauce. the scrambled eggs were fluffy and soft.  I don't recommend ordering the American coffee. 

The bright, clean lined space, complete with a sleeping resident cat, and the friendly, family service made for a great start to the week. 

Roman December Sky 

Mr Clood, 
via Luciano Manara 13
American breakfast Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-11:00


  1. Lol, Monday mornings are like a Sunday here. I would die for those eggs! There are only a few spots for eggs in Florence, and one of them is usually my home home! :)


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