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Art and Music {Rome}

One of Gatsby's Parties
Kelly in a nutshell 

This crisp fall weekend was filled with culture.

Friday evening was opening night of John Cabot University's Italy Reads program and The English Theater of Rome's performance of The Great Gatsby.


Old Friends in Ancient Places {Flavio al Velavevodetto}

It is a busy time of year for Dear Husband. One positive that usually comes out of this crazy conference schedule is the opportunity to see old friends from posts past.

This past weekend was a Harare reunion with people we have known since our first days in Zimbabwe. Some now based here in Rome, others now living in Nairobi and Zanzibar and Johannesburg.


Peace and Quiet {Museums in Rome}

I recently had drinks and dinner with a group of friends, a polyglot mix of Americans, Canadians and Romans. One of the many lively conversations turned to space. Specifically how Rome can feel like it has very little of it. Apartments are small, sidewalks are crowded, traffic is tiresome, metro cars and buses are packed, lines (or lack there of) at the post office, the bakery, the very restaurant we were sitting in. You are confronted with people and personal space differences all day long.

I found a great place to take a break.


Meetings in Rome {Cibando, Pinsere and my favorite gelato}

It is funny how you meet people.

Rome can sometimes be such a small town.  A few years ago the Teenagers fifth grade teacher introduced me to another one of her beloved students. Who it ends up, I had been reading her blog for ages!


Wine and Music {Al Grammelot + Rome}

I love Rome's enoteche. They are the perfect spot to try out a new glass of wine, have a light or early-ish dinner of cheese and cured meats and sometimes even vegetables. There are a few that serve hot food.


Good to Know {Taverna Rossini + Rome}

There are lots of things to like about Taverna Rossini.  There are two in particular that make this a great spot to know about. 


Villas and Sunsets {Rome}

As I wrote about last week, it is a busy time of year for expats in Rome.  The event that I look most forward to in September is the sunset cocktail party to welcome the new fellows to the American Academy.