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Madre {Eating in Rome}

Cocktails in Monti Rome

Cocktails in Monti Rome

My neighborhood is changing. I am not saying anything new here, Monti sits in-between the Colosseum and the Forums of Trajan and Augustus so it is a place that has weathered the vagaries of time. Here in modern day Rome some of that change is not so great, like the shuttering of the only butcher shop and the sad market situation, but much of the change is welcome, like a fantastic take out pasta shop and an excellent place to meet for cocktails.

Madre is at the edge of the neighborhood in a space that used to be a Dominican convent and will be recognized by fans of the operatic film La Grande Bellezza. Now the once spartan space has been transformed into a lush colorful place that is perfect for early drinks, lunch and after diner drinks. 

I have done all three.


Fiaschetteria Beltrame {Eating in Rome}

Where to Eat Near the Spanish Steps

Where to Eat Near the Spanish Steps

I have a really great job. I get to travel to some of Italy's most beautiful places. I eat in restaurants and visit vineyards and cheese makers and bakeries. It's really really great. What my job means is that when I am home in Rome is that I am more likely to be at my yoga studio and having green juice for lunch in an attempt at balance. 

But, living in Rome means lots of people come to visit. They don't want green juice for lunch. They want to eat Roman cuisine. Last week some of our oldest pals were in town for a quick visit. They used to live here so they had already gone to their old favorites and asked me to pick somewhere near-ish to Piazza del Popolo for a classic Roman meal. This is not my usual part of town but I had long been wanting to try Fiaschetteria Beltrame so we booked a table there.


Thanksgiving in Capri

Thanksgiving in Capri

It is November. The days are getting shorter and evenings chillier. That means it is time to start thinking about Thanksgiving. This year I am going to do something different and I would love for you to join me.