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Buona Pasqua {Easter in Rome}

Easter in Rome

Easter in Rome

Today is Good Friday. That means my neighborhood will be kind of nuts what with the Pope coming over to this side of town.

Our plans for the long weekend is for it to be filled with delicious food, some movie watching, a house project or two and lots of chocolate bunnies.

Happy Easter from Rome.


Friday Night Lights {BarTaruga + Giggetto + Rome}

Eating in Rome

The other evening we were in invited to a very grown up cocktail party. There were lots of beautiful people in a beautiful apartment saying lots of smart interesting things. It was a wonderful start to an early spring weekend. I had little else planned for the evening, which is very unlike me. We headed back towards home, strolling through the shuttered ghetto and decided to have a quick drink and a late supper.


Plan B {VOY + Hamburgers in Rome}

Hamburgers in Rome

Hamburgers in Rome

A few weeks ago we were headed over to the Maxxi to the the incredible William Kentridge show before it finished and decided to make an afternoon of it and have lunch at our old standby Pallotta.

Imagine the shock when we discovered that the always open trattoria was closed for renovation.


Rome - There's an App for That

Apps for a trip to Rome

A recent conversation with a new arrival about a frustrating bus experience got me thinking. When I first moved to Rome it was in the pre-smart phone days. There was no google maps to guide me through the charming labyrinth of cobblestones. I had a laminated map that had almost all the streets I needed on it. I got lost. A lot. ATAC buses didn't have GPS tracking, there was no Google translate. How did we do it! You don't have to answer that. I was an expat in the days of blue airmail envelopes. I remember.


Coffee in Rome {B>Gallery + Trastevere }

While it is true, I am very much a creature of habit, I really do enjoy exploring new places. I also enjoy rare mornings spent chit-chatting with very clever friends over morning coffee.


Lunch with the Girls {Rokko + Rome}

You would think living 200 meters away from your friends would mean you see them often. May run into them at the vegetable market?  See them at the neighborhood bar?  For some inexplicable reason, with my friend Siena, this is not the case.  I never. ever. run into her.  It's really kind of nuts.  


{Guest Post} Rome with Kids

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rome 2012, a set by chasingbluebirds on Flickr.

One of my wonderful readers, Lesley Wilson Heuer, recently offered her tips, tricks and hints for travel to Rome with children. Wether a visitor or resident in the eternal city, read on for her very helpful words of wisdom and make sure your next visit is fun (and delicious) for everyone.


Saints and Spa days {A Weekend in Assisi}

Here are my instructions for how to spend a perfect 36 hours in and near Assisi.


Where to shop {Istanbul}

Kapalicarsi Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Ikat Pillow designs Istanbul

It all starts to look the same after a little while, colorful kilims and silky ikat, sparkly jewels and trashy tourist T-shirts and scarves.  How do you sift through the kitsch and find the good stuff?   My traveling companions (a husband and a teenager) are not serious shoppers so I had to be strategic and pretty fast about it. So fast I didn't get a chance to take many pictures!