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Shopping in Rome { & Other Stories + COS}

Shopping in Rome

Shopping in Rome

It is not Black Friday here in Rome, but this is a post about shopping. 

I love to shop. I love looking at beautiful things artfully arranged in a gorgeous space. After years living in places that had little to offer in the shopping realm, wandering in and out of stores is still entertainment for me.

I rarely buy much anymore, except for books and food, but that doesn't count does it? I am afraid this is going to change. Pretty dramatically. On an elegant side street just off the via del Corso two stores have quietly opened that for me are going to change everything about clothes shopping in Rome.


Eating in Rome {The Eatery}

Eating in Rome

Eating in Rome

I love to meet friends for drinks and to go out for dinner but I really don't enjoy crowds. That means on a weekend I am much more likely to rent a movie and send Mark out for take out than head to the buzzy new spot in town. Another dilemma I face is wanting to try everything on the menu. Dinner at Rome's best pop up restaurant, The Eatery solved all of these hassles.


Coffee in Rome {Emporio alla Pace}

Coffee in Rome

Coffee in Rome

The other morning I was meeting my pal Heather for breakfast and somehow ended up leaving the house half an hour before I was supposed to. I assure you. That never happens. 

I found myself with 30 minutes to kill near Piazza Navona which can be kind of a wasteland of tourist trinket shops and bad gelato. Luckily a good cup of coffee is never far. 


Autumn Entertainment {Gillian's List of Links}

Rome Stormy Skies

While my general world view is pretty sunny, my default entertainment choice skews dark. I have a few friends that never. ever. let me pick the movie. 

Here are a few things I am listening to and watching right now that are perfect for the shorter days and rainy nights of late autumn.


Palazzos in Rome {Palazzo Colonna}

Palazzos in Rome // Palazzo Colonna

Palazzos in Rome // Palazzo Colonna

It's not everyday that my afternoon involves free reign of an art filled private palazzo. The other day as a benefit of my being a Friend of the American Academy in Rome I got to live out all of my girlhood princess dreams.


Eating in Rome {Pianostrada + Trastevere} NEW LOCATION

Where to eat in Rome

Where to eat in Rome

A few Sundays ago the sky in Rome was an incredible soft blue and dotted with light fluffy clouds. The sun was shining. It was a perfect Autumn day. It was silly to be inside studying French (Mark) and writing blog posts (me) so we cast aside our chores and went for a long walk.  We were not the only ones who had that idea. Via Fori Imperiali was super crowded, the ghetto was almost impassable, we twisted and turned our way towards the river and away from the masses. We ended up in Trastevere, a part of town we rarely visit and barely know. I remembered that there has been a lot of buzz about a tiny spot on a tiny street run by a quartet of Roman women. Pianostrada was the perfect destination.


Eating in Rome {Ristorante Ar Galletto + Piazza Farnese}

Eating in Rome

A general rule in Italy is the prettier the view the lousier the food. But as you know Italians don't always follow the rules. I am happy to report I have found an exception. Ar Galletto is in one of Rome's most beautiful piazza's with a view of the renaissance Michelangelo designed masterpiece that is Palazzo Farnese now the home of the embassy of France.


Fountains in Rome

Fountains in Rome

Fountains in Rome

Did you know that Rome has 2,000 fountains? The eternal city's most famous fountain is currently hidden under all kinds of scaffolding. If you visit the Trevi Fountain now you will find the water has all been drained and that there is a long line to walk across one very narrow walkway to see a few details up close. It is not really very pretty and even less photogenic. While you can still swing by and toss your coins in,  here are a few suggestions for my favorite alternative fountains in Rome.