Eating in Rome {Ristorante Ar Galletto + Piazza Farnese}

Eating in Rome

A general rule in Italy is the prettier the view the lousier the food. But as you know Italians don't always follow the rules. I am happy to report I have found an exception. Ar Galletto is in one of Rome's most beautiful piazza's with a view of the renaissance Michelangelo designed masterpiece that is Palazzo Farnese now the home of the embassy of France.

I had eaten at Er Galletto year and years ago, when I understood little about Roman ways or cuisine. An old friend from our Zimbabwe days was in town on very important visit representing the French government and had chosen the restaurant for it's location across the piazza from the French Embassy.

I remember the food being good and the service that enchanting Roman mix of gruff and funny. When I picked up a knife and fork to eat my abacchio scottadito, the waiter swooped in and took the cutlery out of my hands declaring "Ma Dai this dish is called Scottadito  - which means burnt fingers - you can't use a knife and fork!"

On this most recent visit it was one of those evenings with a disparate group of friends brought together by a a duo of visiting former Roman residents. It was a little like herding cats figuring out everyones schedule and eating desires. Since I was appointed The Decider and we were having cocktails at Bar Barnum I chose the path of least resistance and picked somewhere close.

With a view of the French Ambassadors frescoed office and beside a Roman era fountain, we ordered classic pastas of pajata, carbonara and cacio e pepe and an enormous serving of tagliatelle with fresh porcini, side plates of cicoria ripasssata and a bottle of Cesanese. All of it served by a team of gruff and funny Roman waiters. The tiramisu that finished our meal was one of the best I have tasted.

We were so busy catching up and chatting with our waiters I barely took a picture. You will just have to make do with the view.

Ristorante Ar Galletto
Piazza Farnese 104
Closed Sunday

Eating in Rome


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