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Gillian Longworth McGuire

I am a Rome based blogger, ebook writer, information curator, traveler, coffee and cocktail drinker. My friends call me “the Source” and I am your go-to girl for the best information on just about anything in the eternal city, the Amalfi Coast, Capri and the island of Ponza.

I have lived in some very interesting places in the past 20 years since leaving my home state of Tennessee. Washington, DC; Niamey, Niger; Harare, Zimbabwe and now I live in Rome. 

In all of these places my favorite thing to do is figure things out. I love to research and investigate and find the best things a place has to offer. That might be a great restaurant or beautiful beach or the practical things like a dentist that speaks english or a good yoga class. What I enjoy is the hunt, a skill I learned at the knee of my treasure hunter grandmother Ethel. The best part of this for me is sharing what I have discovered. That is where the idea for Gillian’s Lists came from.

My first list, which was scribbled on a piece of paper, came when I was studying in London during my Junior year abroad and a visiting sorority sister asked me for my favorite things to do and see in London. I have been giving friends and friends of friends advice on what to do, eat and see in places I have lived or traveled to ever since. 

Once I moved to Rome and the email requests for where to eat, who was a good doctor in town and how to rent a villa in the Italian countryside got too numerous to individually respond to, I created Gillian’s Lists as a place where I could more easily share my knowledge in one dedicated place.

From the blog came my two successful apps; Rome for Expats and Amalfi Coast Travel Essentials. Both have served as another medium for me to collate and curate my favorite discoveries. Those apps turned into digital guides, (including a new one about what to do on the island of Ponza) that you find over on Amazon. 

Since I currently live in Rome a lot of what you will find here is information on where I like to eat, museums I love to visit, and tours that you should take. While all roads may lead to Rome, I often head the other direction and you will soon see I write about places other than Rome too. Like the peripatetic life I lead what you will find here is a little bit of everything.

Welcome to Gillian’s Lists; A place for travel inspiration, practical information and a whole lot of fun. I would love to hear from you. Find me on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest or drop me a line

Gillian Longworth McGuire

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  1. Always so interesting to discover my city through the eyes of an expat! Glad to have found you!
    Valeria @