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7 Pictures You Need to Take in Rome

7 Pictures You Need to Take in Rome

7 Pictures You Need to Take in Rome

I have lived in Rome for over a decade and still, I literally stop and gasp at its beauty. Don't mistake me for starry-eyed expat entranced by ochre buildings that glow in warm Roman light or the charm of a flirty Ciao. I am well aware that this is a city legendary for its chaos and dysfunction but I choose to focus on the pretty. Take my advice and do the same., Whether you are here for a week or a lifetime, it really does make daily life here worth the challenges. One thing that keeps me focused on the positives in snapping pictures of my adopted home. My phone and multiple hard drives are full of thousands and thousands of images. I recently noticed there were some places and things that I had more shots of than others. To help you narrow things down the next time you are out with your camera, here is my advice for the 7 pictures you need to take in Rome.