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This year Italy got 100% on-board with the Black Friday thing. This caused a lot of grumbling on Facebook by Americans who saw it as some kind of cultural appropriation or adopting the worst of US culture at the cost of their own. Conversely, my Italian pals were just bemused by the advertising frenzy that ranged from regular retail items to meals to parking spots and stretched through the weekend to the end of the week with the name Black Days. Me, I thought the entire affair was pretty hilarious and figure it will probably not be a thing at all here in a few years.

My after Thanksgiving shopping was done from my couch where I bought plane tickets and booked an Airbnb for Noah’s graduation from college in May. How did four years go by so quickly?

With that major life event planning out of the way, now I have to start my Christmas shopping. Here are some of my picks for terrific gifts for the Italophile in your life. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to find previous years posts of my suggestions for Italian themed Christmas gifts.