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Pizza in Rome {La Gatta Mangione}

Last week I wrote about old school pizza in my hometown and here in Rome.  This week it is all about a modern take on Italian pizza.  


Best Hamburgers in Rome {Five Favorite places}

Hamburgers in Rome

Hamburgers in Rome

I am always on the hunt for a good burger in Rome. These are some of my favorites. 


Old School {Da Remo + Rome}

In my hometown of Oak Ridge, Tennessee,  there is this pizza place called Big Ed's.


Wordless Wednesday {Sardegna}

The skies in Rome have been unusually gray for May.  I am dreaming of Sardegna. 


Best Sweets in Rome {Five Favorite Places}

I have a wicked sweet tooth.  I am sure I got it from my grandmother, Ethel, who always had Halloween sized milky way bars stashed in the freezer and covered crystal bowls of lemon drops in the gown-ups only living room. For me a meal can hardly be counted as complete if it does not end in dessert.  

These are my five favorite places for something sweet in Rome.


A Boozy Lunch {Bancovino + Rome}

I'm a sucker for a good font.  A new enoteca located deep in the Prati neighborhood got my attention with it's simple graphics and nicely designed website.  On one of the first warm afternoons this spring I crossed the river and met a friend, to see if the good taste in design translated into a good lunch. 


TV for Washington Wonks {Gillian's List of Links}

I am a long time Washington policy geek. I went to college in DC, where the moniker - wonk  - is adopted with pride. I  studied political science. Our DVD's of the entire seven seasons of the West Wing are in danger of wearing out. I am a news junkie who watches CSpan for fun.

I haven't lived in Washington for a long time, but I am always homesick for it. Here are 3 ways I get my fictional DC fix.


When worlds collide. {Shopping in Rome + Agadez}

I have had many homes. One of the places I have lived the longest was in Africa. I lived in Africa for a long time. Roughly 15 years in both west and Southern Africa.

During my years in Niamey I met my husband, had a child and spent many many hours on straw mats drinking tea with Tuarag jewelers.


The People You Meet {Shopping in Sardegna}

The list is long of great things about traveling with a good friend.  One of the best things is when the good friend has been going to the place for a long time that you are visiting.  Even better if her friends have been going there for what amounts to a lifetime.  This means they know all kinds of things you would never ever find out and more importantly know all kinds of cool people.  That they introduce you too.