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Cocktails in Rome {Latteria Trastevere}

Cocktails in Rome  Trastevere

Cocktails in Rome Trastevere

I joke with my friends and family that I barely leave the house no less my street. It is obviously a bit of an exaggeration, but in that exaggeration there is a kernel of truth. I do live in a great neighborhood after all. That said, I really do like to explore. One part of town that I am planning on getting to know a little better is Trastevere. I will have lots of opportunity now that my yoga studio has opened a new location. In early August Noah and I ventured out of the neighborhood and over the river to have a drink at Latteria Trastevere. 


Two Days in Boston

Two Days in Boston

This years trip to Boston was so much less fraught than the previous two years. Noah got there days before us, was already moved in and working on projects with his roommates by the time we got there. So really all we had to do was a few administrative things before we headed back to Rome (getting a drivers license for an expat kid who has never lived in America is no small thing.) It was the end of a long Home Leave trip back "home, " which any longtime expat knows is more admin than vacation so were going to make the most of our last days of AC, customer service and iced coffee. 

We took long walks, drank more than a few cocktails in expensive hotel bars and lured our reluctant college student out for a few more meals with his parents. 


Cesare al Casaletto {Eat Like a Roman}

Cesare al Casaletto {Eat Like a Roman}

Cesare al Casaletto {Eat Like a Roman}

Sometimes it can take me a while to get around to doing the thing that everybody keeps telling is great. The restaurant Cesare a Caseletto is one of those things. On just about every list you read on where to eat in Rome, Cesare is there. The push I needed to take the number 8 tram from Piazza Venezia up the hill to Monteverde was my pal Kelly organizing a lunch. 


A Few Great Things {Gillian's Links}

Oysters in Menemsha

Tennessee Moon Pies

I am back in Rome after a lot of fun, food and festivities had all over the east coast of the US.  My brain is still a little foggy from the jet lag (and lets be honest, the not on vacation-lag,) there are suitcases (filled with that strange expat mix of things like Reese's cups, kitchen sponges and new yoga clothes) that need to be unpacked and put away and readjusting to a quiet house all over again. While I get back to my desk and into blogging gear, here is a roundup of a few great things I discovered over the past few weeks.


Beach Clubs in Rome {V Lounge Club + Ostia}

Beach Clubs in Rome

Beach Clubs in Rome

I am still here in the states where it is Labor Day weekend. We are usually back in Italy by now, so it has been a long time since I have had the chance for this traditional American farewell to summer. For the next few days we are in my hometown in Tennessee were we will be attending my high school reunion that includes a a tailgate party with BBQ and a Friday night football game. Noah is on his way back to Boston to start his second year at Berklee. Mark and I will spend a few days on the Martha's Vineyard before we eventually head back to Rome for our "rientro."  Rientro is the Italian version of the end of summer. Life slowly returns to the shuttered shops and quiet streets but it is not quite so definitive as specifically named weekend.

If we were back in Rome we would be spending the day at a nearby beach with a long lunch of spaghetti all vongole and a nap under the umbrella. We have a regular place, but right before I left for the states, in the throes of the wretched Roman heatwave, my pal Rick took me to his beach club in Ostia. It is pretty fabulous.