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Cocktails in Rome {Latteria Trastevere}

Cocktails in Rome  Trastevere

Cocktails in Rome Trastevere

I joke with my friends and family that I barely leave the house no less my street. It is obviously a bit of an exaggeration, but in that exaggeration there is a kernel of truth. I do live in a great neighborhood after all. That said, I really do like to explore. One part of town that I am planning on getting to know a little better is Trastevere. I will have lots of opportunity now that my yoga studio has opened a new location. In early August Noah and I ventured out of the neighborhood and over the river to have a drink at Latteria Trastevere. 

It was hot. I was cranky. Almost everyone was out of town. That what what this August in Rome was like. I saw a Facebook notice that there was a live blues show at this new place and decided that would cheer me up. We arrived as the musicians were setting up, grabbed a table, spotted some friends and browsed the cocktail menu. 

I liked what I saw. There were interesting takes on a favorite of mine, the spritz switching out the Campari for Cynar. Noah tried something with gin and ginger that was zingy and refreshing. The plate of snacks that appeared was not the usual potato chips, but tiny glasses of cold gazpacho and slices of toast some slathered with an avocado spread and some topped with chunky, vinegary eggplant. 

The drinks were great, the snacks superb, and the music just right. It was a very successful excursion that I plan on repeating on an autumn evening very soon. 

Cocktails in Rome  Trastevere

Cocktails in Rome Trastevere

Latteria Trastevere
viccolo della Scala 1
Closed Monday
Tuesday-Sunday 07:30-01:00

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