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Best Beaches in Positano {Da Adolfo}

Best beach in Positano

Best beach in Positano

By now you all probably know how I feel about Da Adolfo. 

I have friends that love it and friends who would rather stay put by the pool in Capri.  Da Adolfo is a special place that also requires a special mind set. The chairs are a little rickety, the beach a little small. For me, the chaos is part of the charm.

The trick to getting a table for lunch and a good beach chair is to call early, particularly on a weekend in July or August. More important is to chill out and go with the flow and it will probably work out just fine.

One of the many reasons to find this special place in this special cove is the food. The menu is on a leaning colorful chalkboard just underneath the kitchen. It has barely changed in the years we have been coming here. The same barefoot waiters bound up and down the stairs balancing plates while Sergio, like an orchestra conductor, oversees the whole busy operation.

We feast on marinated anchovies, mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves, zuppa de cozze, spaghetti alle vongole. I have seen other tables drinking important bottles of wine, we only ever order jugs of cold white wine sangria filled to the brim and stuffed with just barely ripe peaches.
While what stays the same is what keeps us coming back year after year, there is always an element of the unexpected in this little cove in Laurito. 

Linger over a limoncello, swim in the sea, meet your beach chair neighbor. You just might be rewarded with a visiting opera singer giving an impromptu show or running into a friend of a friend you haven't seen in years in town for a wedding. The best advice I have for enjoying a day at Da Adolfo is to succumb to the languorous pace that reigns over Laurito

Best beach in Positano

Best beach in Positano

Best beach in Positano

Best beach in Positano

Best beach in Positano

Da Adolfo

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  1. Ahhh ... Grazie for this lovely post - just what I needed this morning!

    "succumb to the languorous pace that reigns over Laurito" ... but just don't be late for your lunch reservations (Sergio scolded me one day when I was still in the water at 1:30 and apparently I should have been at my table at 1:00!) :-)

  2. Gillian now I see why you chose this one as your favorite beach! The landscape is stunning as all along the Amalfi coast but the food makes it win!