Hamburgers in Rome {'Ino + Eataly} CLOSED

Hamburgers in Rome

Hamburgers in Rome

My house has had a steady stream of visitors this summer. Most of them have been teenage boys. This is my teenage boy's last summer at home before he heads off to the Berklee College of Music in September, so he has has been squeezing in as many concerts at Rock in Roma and time with friends before they head off to Bangkok, Korea, Belgium and the UK.

I have tried to keep a normal schedule but as a natural night owl (and a bit of a worrier) I stay up. First waiting for a tangle of boys to come home and then late into the night talking with them about the evenings high jinks or Supreme Court decisions or dorm life. Somehow the late hour transforms me from Mother to a slightly invisible person. It is a similar transformation as when the kids were little and I drove them around Harare. They would talk about the most extraordinary things when they couldn't see my face.

So what this means is my my schedule is all messed up. It is a kind of summer jet lag. The result ends up being we we are not hungry for lunch until 2:30 in the afternoon.

The other day I needed to go grocery shopping (teenage boys eat. a lot.) so we decided to kill two birds with one stone and go to Eataly.

'Ino is a well known panino shop in Florence that has an outpost here in Rome located inside the vast Eataly complex. At 3:00pm the 'Ino staff happily grilled up hamburgers & poured cold beers for us.

Well fed, I filled a grocery cart with provisions for hungry children while Noah played the baby grand piano downstairs, both of us preparing for another late night of conversations.

Hamburgers in Rome

Hamburgers in Rome

'Ino Il Panino at Eataly
Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
Sunday - Thursday 12:00 - 21:30
Friday-Saturday 12:00 - 22:30


  1. I'm happy to hear that poor piano in Eataly was finally played well!

  2. I totally know what you mean about being "invisible" when driving kids around. My oldest is 14 and she says the most amazing things in the back seat with her friends (and her friends really blow me away with their stories/insights/opinions) ha ha! I thought I was so "cool" but I admit I freak out a little inside when I realize my kids are turning into mini adults and have their own opinions on the world. sigh...


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