5 things to do in Ponza

What to do in Ponza

What to do in Ponza

The island of Ponza located off the Lazio coast is filled with fun things to do.  Whether you like a day filled with activity or a day of lounging there is something for everyone. Here are my picks for 5 things to do in Ponza.

Diving Deep

Ponza is kind of ridiculously beautiful. Dramatic rock faces, pastel buildings, decorated fishing boats and clear, clear water. With Ponza Diving Center you can explore the beauty that lies below the turquoise sea. Your day starts with thermos' of coffee and swipes of Nutella on fresh bread while the crew meticulously checks and rechecks the equipment. Dives are coordinated for expert and beginning divers. If you prefer, you can snorkel or just spend the day reading your book on the top deck. After two dives in two different locations, lunch is served complete with wine and digestivos before you head back to harbor with Ugo the diving dog leading the way. 

Ponza Diving Center
via Banchina

A Day at the Beach

The famous wide and sandy Chiaia di Luna beach is still closed. If you are looking for a day spent under an umbrella, instead grab water taxi to Frontone beach. The "beach" is really large boulders next to the sea, but it is also right next to what was a Roman era fish farm. The ancient structure is now used as a shallow pool where kids can splash, while the grown-ups lounge on the rocks above. The best beach club is also next to one of the best restaurants on the island. Da Enzo (also known as Sola a Vela) The freshest of locally sourced fish is grilled in an open air kitchen in this casual yet stylish spot. 

Da Enzo di Frontone
Spiaggia di Frontone
+39 339 2060408

Rent a Boat

The best way to explore Ponza is not from land but by sea. Find Luigi, who spent years living in New York city, and rent a boat for the day. The team at Noleggio Azzurro will go over boating basics, show you the best spots to drop anchor and fill a cooler with ice and drinks to get you on your way. 

Noleggio Azzurro
Molo Mamozio
+39 333 412 8326

Watch the Sunset

I love the Amalfi Coast, but it's south facing orientation means you don't really get a dramatic sunset set. It is a much more soft, diffuse affair. In Ponza the sunset is spectacular. All blazing reds and oranges. Two of the best spots to watch the show are Il Tramonto in the Campo Inglese part of the island. In the glass walled room sip prosecco as the sun suinks behind the Ponza's sister island Palmarola. In the buzzy Porto, Oreste Romagnolo's creative Orestorante has tables on two levels, each one with a view. 

Via Dietro la Chiesa, 3
+39 0771 80338 

Il Tramonto
Via Campo Inglese Loc. Le Forna
+39 0771/808563

Hunt for Sea Treasure

The long rocky beach at Frontone is simple stretch of pebbles where you can set down your towel and swim in the sea. For the beachcomber it is a treasure trove of multicolored sea glass and heart shaped rocks. 

What to do in Ponza

What to do in Ponza

For the best places to stay in Ponza get in touch with Maurizio and rent a villa or apartment from Turistcasa.

Part of my visit to Ponza was with Slow Living Vacations but all opinions are my own. 


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