Celebrating {Capri}

Cocktail view from Hotel Tosca

You would think that almost two weeks in Positano with this spectacular terrace, filled with a bevy of fun friends would be enough of a nineteeth wedding anniversary celebration.  Luckily for me you would be wrong. 

View from Positano Terrace

Tedious work commitments kept my Dear Husband from joining in most of the Positano fun so we added on a few days in Capri so he could celebrate too.  

We have made do (I know, I know) with day trips to Capri over the years because of a charming little hotel located on top of my favorite perfume shop and my favorite lemon granita stand.  I went years ago with my best college pal, and have spent the subsequent years trying to go back.  It. is. always. booked.  There is a reason for this.  The Hotel Tosca is a perfect spot.  Great location, cool white rooms, cocktails on a terrace with a view...but the real secret is the owners.  Native Caprese, Ettore knows everything there is to know about Capri and more importantly what you want to know/see/do in Capri.  Ask him and then do every single thing he tells you.

We had spent many an indulgent afternoon at the glamour beach clubs Da Luigi and La Fontelina.  It was time for something new.  Ettore suggested an early morning wander through Anacapri and then onto the swanky beach club Il Faro.  Directly under the Punta Carena lighthouse, perched on the rocks above what was an unusual crashing sea, We lounged, swam in the saltwater pool, dined, cocktailed and lounged some more.  We were Exceptionally well taken care of by Alessando for the entire, luxurious day.   

The restaurant menu was a mix of traditional local cuisine and contemporary twists.  I had a plate of seafood crudo with Gambero Rosso and blackberries, ricciola with wasabi & raspberries and scampi with soy sauce.  Pastas were more traditional with spaghetti alle vongole and pacheri con moscardini.  Later in the afternoon there were gin and tonics delivered to our chairs while we watched the sun set over the Mediterranean.   

With celebrations like this, I am looking forward to the next nineteen years. 

Hotel Tosca
Via Dalmazio Birago 5

Il Faro

Località Punta Carena

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  1. Happy anniversary! My husband and I honeymooned in Capri and Positano and your posts are making me long to return for our tenth next year. Thanks for the great beach club tips -- we had a little trouble finding good spots last time, so I'm happy to start keeping notes now for our next trip ;)

  2. Capri is the perfect spot for just about any kind of celebrating ! The "beach" scene is particularly confusing in Capri I am so happy to help!

  3. Sorry I missed the Capri part of the trip. But I guess that was the Romantic part of things?

  4. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I was fortunate enough to visit Italy in 2005 but only got to visit Capri for one day. I fell in love! I vow to return someday!

  5. I miss that Positano view - only 7 months until I return!


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