Eating in Rome {Açaí & Friends} CLOSED

Eating in Rome

Since September I have really been on a mission to eat more vegetables and less pizza bianca. Luckily in my Monti neighborhood that's pretty easy. I can go get some green juice up the street or a slice of farinata from downstairs. The other day after a teensy shopping spree I was starving and wanted something quick. I was just about to succumb to a salty, carby slab when I spied Açaí & Friends.

The refrigerator case is stocked with coconut water (which I have most definitely not acquired a taste for) and aloe vera juice. In the freezer are tiny packages of gelato in exotic Brazilian flavors and some very pretty gelato stuffed fruits. The woman in front of me got a frozen yogurt and fruit concoction much like I used to get for my lunch when I worked as a temp in Washington, D.C. Way before there was such a thing as froyo.

I got a fresh mix of orange, carrot, apple and mint that was just the citrus vitamin dose I needed for the rest of the walk home. 

Eating in Rome

Eating in Rome

Açaí & Friends
Via di Campo Marzio 69


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