Pizza in Capri (Lo Sfizio}

Pizza in Capri

When we are visiting the island of Capri in the summer we usually have very long, multi-coursed and indulgent lunches. This means we rarely venture out for the dinner scene that Capri is so well known for. Instead, we have found that a sunset drink in the Piazzetta, a long evening stroll and a pizza is the perfect compromise.

Outside tables line a quiet pedestrian street and there is also covered garden space. The pizzas at Lo Sfizio are of the thick crusted and chewy Neapolitan crust kind and the unusual and unmissable carrots alla scapece (with mint, vinegar and chili) add some zing and crunch to your carb-fest.

Pizza in Capri (Lo Sfizio}

Pizza in Capri (Lo Sfizio}

Pizza in Capri (Lo Sfizio}

Lo Sfizio
Via Tiberio, 7/e
Closed Tuesdays 12.00 to 15.00 and 19.00 to 24.00
+39 081 8374128

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  1. Gillian, have you found any place in Positano that has great alla scapece? I LOVE it and have it whenever I see it on a menu in Italy. It would be fantastic if I could find a "go-to" place in Pos!!

    1. @Engred. It is my favorite too! (I had it for dinner last night!) Saraceno D’Oro has it on the menu and I sometimes get a big plate to go from Capricci.

  2. Great to know about Capricci! That will be one of my first stops when I arrive in June!


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