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Cocktails in Venice {Grancaffe' Quadri}

Cocktails in Venice

Cocktails in Venice

As a general rule in Italy, if the view is spectacular the food and service will probably be mediocre. That doesn't mean that sometimes it's not worth the risk and extra euros and that sometimes you will be surprised.
Piazza San Marco in Venice is one of the worlds greatest sites. It is vast and theatrical and historic. Ringed with lavish stores and historic cafes and anchored by the magnificent Basilica San Marco and with  decidedly fewer pigeons than I remember from earlier visits.  I really do recommend the splurge of sitting in the piazza and having a drink.

If it's morning or early afternoon have coffee or hot chocolate at the shabby chic Caffe Florian. If is five o'cock somewhere, head straight to Cafe Quaddri for an extravagant cocktail.  

The menu is the size of a fall fashion magazine, the drinks are flashy and expensive(though the snacks are a little weak) and they serve the best dirty martini I have ever had.  

Add great company, a summer Venetian sunset and the orchestra in the background and you have perfection.

Cocktails in Venice

Cocktails in Venice

Cocktails in Venice

Grancaffe’ Quadri
Piazza San Marco, Venice
+39 041 5222105

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  1. I could certainly go for some cocktails in Venice.There is just somethign so very special about the city.