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Best Gelato in Italy {Caseificio Rivabianca + Paestum}

Best gelato in Italy

When we get in the car to head back to Rome after a trip away we rarely stop. No detours for roadside farm stands or ceramic stores, just a quick stop at an Autogrill for coffee and gas and we are back on our way.

Last month we were dragging our feet, not wanting the week spent on the Amalfi and Cilento coast to end so when traffic was a little slow on the two lane SS18 near Paestum and there was a recommendation from a very wise pal on Facebook we decided to stop at Caseificio Rivabianca for some fresh buffalo mozzarella to bring back to Rome with us.

We were immediately sidetracked by the gelato case at the front door.

We almost turned around and got back in the car. It looked like chaos. It was a Sunday afternoon after all. We took a deep breath and then we took a number. Before we could get that tantalizing gelato I was instructed we had to finish our cheese shopping. Soon I was choosing fresh cheese and smoked cheese and buffalo sausages. I think I got one of everything. Finally, we moved to the gelato case and were served enormous scoops of what might be the best gelato I have ever had.

The Rivabianca gelato is obviously made from fresh buffalo milk. The texture was creamier than regular gelato with rich, clean flavors. We tried ricotta e pere, chocolate, pistachio with just barely a crunch of pistachio dust.

This was one delicious detour.

Best gelato in Italy

Best gelato in Italy

Best gelato in Italy

Caseificio Rivabianca
Strada Statale 18


  1. That sounds spectacular. I'm on a personal quest to find the best gelati in Milan but I haven't found one made from buffalo milk. Looks like we need to head south!


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