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Gelato in Rome

Gelato in Rome

gelato in Rome

It is that time of year again. The time of year when every blogger in Rome makes their best Rome in Gelato list. I will make no claims to best, but here are a few new places in that I am really enjoying along with the warmer days.

Punto Gelato
Via dei Pettinari 43

Located on the heavily trafficked path between Trastevere and the Campo di Fiori, I had dismissed Punto Gelato as a low quality tourist spot. I am not sure what made me stop on evening after an event at the American Academy but boy am I glad I did.  This is really great gelato. Using the high quality Domori, there are so many chocolate choices here it is almost impossible to choose which one to try. Dark, milk, orange, coffee or spice scented there is no wrong choice. 

Gelateria La Romana
via Venti Settembre 60
via Ostiense 48

This new gelateria is just around the corner from my yoga studio. A few hours of an intense hot yoga class make it easy to justify a stop for a small cup. Right? In the light and airy space there are freezer cases filled with pretty desserts, iPads to check your email and fountains flowing with white and dark chocolate to top your cone. 

via de Chiavari 37/37A

Long a must stop in Florence for those in search of serious gelato, Carapina just opened here in Rome. The space is sleek and minimal, the service is friendly and helpful and the gelato, with flavors changing daily, is sublime. 

Still want more places that I love for gelato in Rome? You can read last years list here

gelato in Rome

Gelato in Rome

Gelato in Rome

Gelato in Rome

Gelato in Rome


  1. This (well, and the wine) is what I'm really looking forward to. Totally printing this out! :)

  2. hi Gillian i love La Romana too, do you hit it after yoga? happy to meet you there sometime for a gelato snack. We also tried punto gelato one evening and we liked that one too! a presto

    1. I TRY not to stop after yoga, but to meet you there, I will happily break that rule!