Touring Testaccio {Eating Italy Food Tours + Rome}
The Roman neighborhood of Testaccio is all the rage these days for people who are serious about their food. Glossy travel magazines and prestigious newspapers are singing the praises of this spot located just on the edge of central Rome. What you may not know is that it’s kind of been like that for pretty much centuries.  Romans have always been serious about their food, and Testaccio has been the center of how that food was distributed since the days of the Roman empire.

Like Rome in general, Testacccio is palimpsest on a micro scale. The Testaccio market is a brand new structure which houses businesses that have been in families for generations.  Running right through the middle of the market is a Roman era road.  Where the slaughterhouse, that used to serve the city, stands is now a modern art museum with works by like the Big Bambu installation by Mike and Doug Starn alongside the original meat hooks and holding pens left in their original places.  

If you really want to learn about Testaccio, it's rich food culture and the people behind it, spend a morning on a food tour with Eating Italy Food Tours.  I am not going to give their secrets away, because where would the fun in that be?  I can guarantee you will learn some Roman history both ancient and modern, meet plenty of friendly people from the neighborhood and eat. a lot. You will taste some of the best pastries, pizza bianca, salami, mozzarella, pasta, supli, canoli and gelato to be found in the city of Rome.  All that and a friendly, funny, passionate and informative guide.

Long time resident, new arrival or just in Rome for a visit, The Taste of Testaccio is an incredibly delicious and informative 4 hours.

Eating Italy Food Tours offers tours Monday-Saturday in Testaccio and Trastevere 
€65-85/per person.


  1. I did this tour the first time I was in Rome and it's amazing!!

  2. It seems you had a delicious vacation, so glad for you!

  3. I like the food of Italy. Their foods are really sound like very tasty as well as I will never be able to forget the taste whatever I eaten last time. Surely if I will go to Italy for again then don't miss to taste the foods. Thanks

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