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Trattoria Perilli {Eat Like a Roman}

Where to eat in Testaccio

Everyone has their favorite places. And tends to stick to them. When I feel like a plate of Roman pasta I head to Flavio in Testaccio or Da Nazzareno near Termini. If we have visitors that almost always means a meal at Taverna Fori Imperiali. I know that there are plenty of other choices, but I really am a creature of habit. That doesn't mean I am not happy to try someone else's standby. 

On one of the first real spring afternoons I tagged along on an incredible tour of the Monte Testaccio and we had lunch nearby at my pal Elizabeth's Roman restaurant of choice, Trattoria Perilli.

This is one of those old fashioned Roman place that I love; Tablecloths, an array of antipasti on display, waiters that have been there for decades. 

We celebrated the arrival of spring with a plate of vignarola, a mix of fava beans,  artichokes and peas before our pasta orders arrived. I had a delicious dish of rigatoni with a Coda alla Vaccinara sauce, which I have to say is an excellent way to have this very Roman dish of oxtail stew. All the fiddly work of getting the meat off the bone is already done for you. I might have sneaked a bite each of amatriciana and carbonara from nearby plates. 

For dessert we ordered two silver dishes of zabaglione studded with fragoline di bosco which are  wild, sweet, tiny, strawberries. With plenty of spoons to share. 

Spring is indeed the season of new beginnings. 

Where to eat in Testaccio

Where to eat in Testaccio

Where to eat in Testaccio

Where to eat in Testaccio

Trattoria Perilli
via Marmorata, 39
06 575 5100
Lunch and Dinner
Closed Wednesdays

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