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The Roman Guy's Cocktail Tour of Rome {Cocktails in Rome}

Cocktails in Rome

Cocktails in Rome

On inauguration day this year I did the only sensible thing. Drink. Ok, I also went to see some art and ate pasta with good girlfriends but one of the most entertaining things I did that dark day was go on The Roman Guy's Cocktail Tour of Rome.

The tour starts in the early evening and stretches out until past dinner with stops at some of Rome's most popular watering holes with a little bit of history and monument Instagramming along the way. 

At our first stop we sank into gray velvet couches and I ordered a bitter twist on the Spritz made with, Zucca Rabarbaro, Cynar and rimmed with black Hawaiian salt. It's bitter bite matched my mood as I tried to not look at the news updates on my phone. 

Next we meandered past the Pantheon and through Piazza Navona to reach the second spot on the tour where the drinks got stronger and the music louder. Staying with my bitter theme I ordered a negroni, my cocktail standby, and our tour guide explained the history of both the Negroni and it's lighter cousin the Americano.

The Negroni stop was a quick one and it was soon time to head across the river with a stop in the Campo di Fiori which transforms from vegetable market in the morning to high school and study abroad student hangout after dark. At the last stop in Trastevere there is a buffet dinner and another cocktail. 

It's going to be a long four years. Rome and cocktails will absolutely help the time go faster. You can book your own private cocktail tour of Rome directly with the Roman Guy.

Cocktails in Rome

Cocktails in Rome

Cocktails in Rome

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