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Coffee in Rome {Shakerato}

coffee in rome

Coffee in Rome

The weather in Rome right now is hot. Like crazy hot. Named for fearsome Roman gods hot. What is a coffee drinker to do when that afternoon cafe sounds much less appealing but the need for a caffeine jolt is still there? 

Go to the bar and order a shakerato is what.

A freshly pulled espresso is slightly sweetened and then shaken cocktail style with ice until it is a cold, frothy, creamy creation. 

Usually served in a chilled martini glass or prosecco flute, it is just the thing to counter the fierce Roman sun and put in zip in your tired late afternoon step. I am convinced all the shaking somehow translates into extra energy.

Any bar you visit should be able to make a shakerato for you. A particularly fun one is from the fabled Sant'Estuchio near the Pantheon.

1 comment :

  1. Yesssssss.
    Coffee granitas don't go down badly either. I have yet to try one in Italy, though!