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Eating in Rome {Marzapane}

Eating in Rome

Eating in Rome

I rarely pick a fancy spot for a meal.  I am much more likely to chose a rustic plate of amatriciana at a local trattoria over something billed as fine dining.  I think part of my resistance to fancy meals is that so much of everyday life in Rome is theater. From the elaborate greetings required at the corner household goods store and with the postman to the strict sense of bella figura, which means no running the trash out in your yoga clothes (or going to and from your yoga class in your yoga clothes for that matter.) And part of it is that I just prefer simpler constructions with just a few fresh ingredients presented without fussy micro-greens and served on slate. That said, I am a sucker for slick and pretty. Which when I think about it is probably why I like Rome so much. I was happy when my pal Elizabeth suggested lunch at the new-ish and much talked about Marzapane.

Elegantly dressed ladies who lunch and Italy's power players are Marzapane's afternoon clientele.  We had thankfully booked ahead unlike former Mayor of Rome, Walter Veltroni who stopped in, shook some hands and reservation-less walked back out.

There were two tasting menus available the day we visited one with meat and one with fish.  We opted for the meat, but couldn't resist trying one part of the fish menu.

Perfectly portioned plates arrived with precise swirls of sauces including a ravishing raw seafood amuse bouche, a single meatball made from bolitto and served with cabbage, and a slightly modern interpretation of coda topping mezzo maniche pasta and a gorgeous grilled scallop aside a pumpkin puree with crispy slice of pancetta.

After the scallop we were pretty sure that was the end but welcomed one last meat course of pork simmered in milk, but still with a crackling top, grilled radicchio and an earthy beet pure.

We were not finished yet. Dessert was a crumble with layers of citrus curd, clementines and an outrageously marshmallowy meringue.

You are always hearing how it is good to venture out of your comfort zone. I will certainly be adding a few of the fancier places in Rome to my dining to-do list.

Eating in Rome

Eating in Rome

Eating in Rome

Eating in Rome

Eating in Rome

via Velletri 39
11:00-24:00 - Closed Sundays
06 6478 1692


  1. Wow! You already had me for the bacon and scallop combo on IG but now I see that it ALL looks amazing. So fun to imagine you two fine "ladies who lunch" enjoying it all... :)

  2. looks great! My bucket list is never empty!