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Eating in Tuscany {San Gimignano + Trattoria Chiribiri}

San Gimignano // Tuscany

It was a dark and stormy night.  No really. It was the kind of storm that closed school in Rome four days later, washed out huge parts of the medieval walls of Volterra and the rising water threatened to spill over the banks of the both the Arno and the Tevere.  We were spending the weekend in the Tuscan countryside near San Gimignano and were on the hunt for dinner.

We had called a couple of places using Judy Witts Francini's super helpful app Chianti Food and Wine before setting out and found everything closed. Undeterred we got in the car and drove through the dark drizzle and figured we would surely find something open. 

The town famous for it's many medieval towers was shut tight.  Hardly a light shone, not a soul was to be seen and definitely no restaurant was open. There were a few sodden, hand-lettered signs declaring Chiusi per Ferie until mid March! Heading back to the car we spotted a glow in a small  ally that on our way in we had somehow managed to miss. 

Trattoria Chiribiri was open!

Wine was poured, plates of salami and cheese were brought and we ordered Tuscan country classics like tagliatelle di cinghiale and fagioli all'uccelletto.

Now we were warm, dry and full and ready to drive back on dark country roads into the rainy night. 

San Gimignano // Tuscany

 San Gimignano // Tuscany

San Gimignano // Tuscany

San Gimignano // Tuscany

 San Gimignano // Tuscany

Trattoria Chiribiri
Piazza della Madonna, 1
San Gimignano
0577 941948

1 comment :

  1. Such a lovely story, Gillian. A true port in a storm! And with such tastiness on offer as well...perfect!