True North {Rehoboth Beach Delaware}

Where to Eat and Shop in Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Where to Eat and Shop in Rehoboth Beach Delaware

The peripatetic expat life is an exciting and sometime glamorous one. But. Sometimes it can be a disorienting and tiring one. One remedy that I have employed against feeling that way has been going to the same place over and over (and over) again. Instead of visiting friends in gers in Mongolia or shopping in New Dehli or trekking in Nepal, we return, like swallows, to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Sometimes it has been for just an afternoon, or on a windy October weekend, but it is usually for at least a week in high summer. For the past 16 years, our Rehoboth Beach days are filled with sandy feet, mini-golf, pepperoni pizza, crab cakes and tax free shopping for a years worth of school clothes and Brooks Brothers no-iron shirts. I love a great many things in Rehoboth Beach, these are just a few of my most favorite picks.

Grotto Pizza
15 Boardwalk at Baltimore Avenue

This is always our first meal and often our last on a trip to the beach. This is good old American pepperoni pizza, tall glasses of birch beer that are refilled without even asking and on tap is the local craft beer, Dogfishhead IPA.

Khor Bros
111 South Boardwalk

This boardwalk stable serves only soft serve frozen custard. I only ever get a small chocolate in a cup with chocolate sprinkles. I have it for breakfast on hot mornings and for a late night snack.

Seafood Shack
42 1/2 Baltimore Avenue

A Maryland softshell crab po boy is the only thing I ever order here. I dream about it all year long.

29 Baltimore Avenue

My pick for the best crab cakes in Rehoboth Beach. Almost no filler and served all kinds of ways; broiled or fried in a sandwich or on top of a salad. It's all good. A side of local Delaware corn on the cob is the taste of summer.

Salt Air
50 Wilmington Avenue

A few years ago, on a stifling afternoon, friends were visiting us from DC and we went to Salt Air because it was open and it had AC. We drank cold, cold white wine from New Zealand and ordered a crab dip that was almost 100% crab with a little bit of Old Bay. We have returned to this spot through it's many iterations and we have had great meals every time. This is a place so dedicated to the farm to table concept, they bought a farm in central Delaware. The martini's are very generous and the peanut butter pie for this Reeses loving expat is near perfection.

6 Delaware Ave

Old fashioned boardwalk fun. Bumper cars, skee ball, and the stomach churning Sea Dragon are what family memories are made of.

Shopping on Route 1
36470 Seaside Outlet Drive

Delware has no sales tax. I plan for lots of my US shopping to happen at the Tanger Outlets out on Route 1. JCrew, the Gap and Brooks Brothers are just a few of the big names you will find.

Browseabout Books
133 Rehoboth Avenue

The Teenager has graduated from morning story time to playing open mic night at The Pond, but we still spend the hot part of the afternoon or the after dinner passegiata browsing the shelves for beach reading and the books that will sustain us over the rest of the year.

Are you heading to Rehoboth Beach? Download the Rehoboth in my Pocket app for so much more that I could ever list here.

Where to Eat and Shop in Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Where to Eat and Shop in Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Where to Eat and Shop in Rehoboth Beach Delaware


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