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where to eat in Positano

Recently I spent almost two weeks in Positano (and few days in Capri.) In a few days all three of us are heading back. It will be the teenager's first trip with us so I have been thinking about what we will do (and eat) while we are there. 

In the next few posts I will give you my lists of my favorite places to eat and lounge and shop in Positano.

Where to Eat in Positano

Breakfast at Buca di Bacco - A light, sweet brioche and a cold cappuccino freddo is the perfect start to a Positano summer day. 

where to eat in Positano

Da Adolfo - You might have heard this already. I love this place. I know there are other beautiful coves and good places to eat, but we have visited every single time we have come to Positano.  On my last trip I went three times. We celebrate wedding anniversaries and birthdays and just plain old wednesdays here. I can't imagine anywhere else has quite the same magic. It is a little rustic and a little small, but big on charm and the food. Oh my, the food. All fresh and local and brought to your table from a precipitous height. Make sure you order a pitcher of cold white wine filled with peaches. 

You must call ahead to reserve a chair on the pebbly beach and a table for lunch. Look for the small boat with the red fish at the main port in Positano where the ferries come in,  and you soon be on your way for a lazy, delicious day. 

where to eat in Positano

Fornillo beach  - Since I am so taken with Da Adolfo (and Capri) until this last, long trip, I had not spent any time at Fornillo beach, the quieter cousin of the Spiagga Grande. This beach has four or five cheerful, bright striped beach cabanas and restaurants on stilted wooden decks with rows of beach loungers and umbrellas in front of the sea.  If you are just going for a quick dip in the ocean, there are free beaches on both of the far ends of the cove. 

where to eat in Positano

Da Ferdinando - A laid-back beach bar where you can just have a quick sandwich and an ice cream or sit down and pick from a few made daily specials. The marinated anchovies and the Positano style Caponata are particularly wonderful.

where to eat in Positano

where to eat in Positano

Fratelli Grassi - Right next door to Da Ferdinano, This beach club has a similar set-up and menu. If you do not want to walk to Fornillo they have a small boat that will pick you up and take you back. (where the ferries leave from)

where to eat in Positano

Saraceno D’Oro - Quite far up on the main road from the main part of town, this casual spot has the best  zucchini scapeceever.  It is worth the hike. They also have great pizza (you can order it to go) pair that with friendly waiters and a classic Neapolitan soundtrack and you have a perfect evening. 

where to eat in Positano

Covo Dei Saraceno - On one visit about a year ago, I tweeted asking where the best pizza in Positano was and @nickiposi answered back the Brasserie underneath the Hotel Covo Dei Saraceno. Great suggestion. It is inexpensive, you can pretty much order it at any time of day and it is exceptionally tasty.

where to eat in Positano

Bar Bruno - This was recommended by the owners of the elegant Sirenuse Hotel. I was graciously treated to an amazing meal here.  Go just as the sun sets and marvel at the twinkly lights of Positano at night.  Make sure you leave room for dessert. 
where to eat in Positano

Chez Black:  I had avoided this place for many visits thinking it was overpriced tourist fare given it's beachfront location.  Last March we had an unexpected, unseasonably warm, teenager free, weekend so naturally we headed straight to Positano.  This was one of the few places open so we gave it a try.  You will find tourists (ordering glasses of chianti and pizza) but the menu is solid and the food and prices good.  I have been back a few times now and each time the wait staff is funny and the food consistently good. On my most recent visit, My friend Carley and I split grilled Calamari (not on the menu, but her blue eyes charmed our waiter) that was absolutely perfect. 

where to eat in Positano

Latteria - Dont feel like another meal in a restaurant? Stock up at this small but very well stocked shop.  The friendly family trio have a great selection of cold wine, fresh fruit, bread delivered from Naples daily, Mozzarella...

There is also all manner of vacation house supplies.  If you are staying in town for a while and have a big order, they will deliver. 

where to eat in Positano

Alimentari - Closer to town this is a great spot to get supplies for breakfast or a terrace picnic.  This is often my last stop on the way back to the car when we leave to go back to Rome. I fill the trunk with Amalfi lemons, tomatoes and oregano. 

where to eat in Positano

via Pasitea 67


located just down the steps from the Piazza Flavio Gioia

Saraceno D'Oro

via Pasitea 254
 089 812050 

Covo Dei Saraceno 

Via Regina Giovanna 

Bar Bruno
Via Cristoforo Colombo 83

Chez Black

Via del Brigantino, 

Want more? My pal Elizabeth wrote all kinds of posts about all kinds of fun that we had together.  

For more information about the Amalfi Coast download my Ebook Amalfi Coast Essentials.


  1. Getting so excited for our trip in early October. What do you suppose the weather will be like then? Do you have different restaurant recommendations for the fall? Also, we arrive to Rome on our 10th anniversary. What would be your top 3 romantic, non touristy restaurant suggestions?

    Thank you so much!

    now hungry (Joanna)

  2. Joanna:

    Da Adolfo will probably not be open in October. The weather should be wonderful, though you might get a cold, gray, wet day. My pal Diana www.browsingrome.com also recommends La Cambusa and Da Vincenzo.

    For the best food recommendations in Rome, download my pal Elizabeth Minchilli's app Eat Rome www.elizabethminchilliinrome.com She knows everything.

  3. I haven't been to Positano in six (or is it seven years). I must return!

    Will definitely print out your suggestions. The white wine with peaches sounds amazing. What if you are by yourself? Do they have small pitchers for one?

  4. @Arlene come down next week and I will share a pitcher with you!

  5. These Positano posts have been making me nostalgic all summer! I think the Latteria is located across the street from the apartment we rented. I'll never forget its special smell... sort of like laundry soap mixed with (pecorino?) cheese.

  6. Great list Gillian - and I love that we visited several of your favorites when we were there in June. We will visit the rest when we return next June!

  7. Do you know of restaurant on top of hill under huge hole is wall of stone
    Lots if wine and resonable priced food and restaurant takes you up there

    1. Ricardo: There are three places that friends recommend up in Montepertuso.

      La Tagliata http://www.latagliata.com
      Il Ritrovo http://www.ilritrovo.com/en/main_en.html
      La Terra http://www.ristorantelaterra.com

  8. I saw a dish up top that I would like to try.

  9. Wonderful post! Thank you!
    A small detail:not " a quick dip in the ocean"! It has nothing to do with the ocean! It's the sea...
    Mediterrenean Sea! ;-)

  10. Stumbled on your blog - thanks so much! I'm traveling with my husband and 1 year old son the first week in October and would love to hear a few fall recommendations since you mentioned Da Adolfo is likely closed during that time. W

    1. Check out my updated Where to Eat in Positano post from this past May. http://www.gillianslists.com/2016/05/where-to-eat-in-positano-2016-update.html


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