{Capri} with Teenagers

Capri is my go-to spot for a summer celebration. Our wedding anniversary
and Dear Husbands birthday are both in high summer. With Capri and Positano both so close to Rome, I find it difficult to go anywhere else. 

This year  The Teenager  joined us for one last summer getaway from the late August, searing heat in Rome. 

Since Capri is our celebration place we usually go to swanky beach clubs where we laze around, eat long lunches and drink cocktails until the sun goes down.  This is not exactly the Teenager's idea of a fun afternoon. 

When we were visiting a few weeks earlier, Ettore of the charming Hotel Tosca mentioned that Bagni Tiberio was the beach club that he used to go to as a kid and where his children now spend summer afternoons.  It is relaxed, family friendly and has great food. 

As usual his recommendation was spot on.  Bagni Tiberio is the perfect choice for a quick and easy Capri beach day. If you are coming on a day trip, as soon as you arrive, find the pier just to the right of the ferry ticket booths and make a reservation for beach chairs (lettini) and book a table for lunch. 

If you took the early ferry, you will have time for a quick tour of the Piazzetta, and the Gardens of Augustus, a chance to try my favorite summer drink and have just enough time for some limoncello and bracelet shopping, before you head back to the small pier and take the boat for a day of sun (and shade) and seafood.

I think I finally found the "hippy beach" in Capri. 

They have peaches and wine
crazy delicious pasta

no dogs or radios

quite possibly the best cup of coffee I have ever had
This Summer's Craze

Bagni Tiberio

Via Palazzo a Mare, 41 
+39 081 8370703

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