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Five Days in Sicily

Ok Sicily...i am in love!! i told a friend this weekend it is my new south, beaches, mountains, valleys, chocolate, baroque towns...and that is just in the tiny south- eastern corner we are some notes from our trip...


Charming Celio

Charming Celio

Often ignored by tourists on the trek between the Coliseum and the Forum and Bocca della Verita this delightful little neighborhood is filled with ecclesiastic treasure and scandal, great food, yoga and shopping.

Once the home to gladiators and Emperor Vespasian’s cavalry troops, the neighborhood is now filled with theatre actors and artists.  


A walk through the center of Rome

A walk through the center of Rome with Gillian McGuire
February 22, 2008  

Wander the charming streets and discover some of Rome’s treasures.  Coffee, gourmet food shopping, monastery treats, books, architectural wonder and probably some shoes!