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Where to stay in Rome - Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese Hotel

Front entrance of the Hotel Sofitel Villa Borghese Rome

Room in the Hotel Sofitel Villa Borghese Rome-Gillian Longworth McGuire

When you are lucky enough to live in Rome you get a lot of questions about where to stay in Rome. 

The problem is that I don’t stay in hotels in Rome. I have a small list of places owned or recommended by friends (you can find it on my Rome for Visitors page) but that list needs expanding. I have plenty to choose from because quite a few new hotels opened or renovated during the quiet months of the pandemic. 

Let's start with the Sofitel Roma Villa Borghese Hotel


Rome and Italy Travel Consulting

Sunset over the Roman Forum

You have heard the news. Travel is now allowed to Italy! Time to book those flights, and tests. You are going to have to take a lot of tests. Don’t forget pack your masks. Italy has an indoor and outdoor mask mandate. We also have a 10pm Midnight curfew. 

Now comes the fun part. Planning what you will do when you get get here. 

Are you overwhelmed? Wondering how to travel in a way that benefits a place that has endured a punishing 15 months? I can can help. Sign up for my Rome and Italy travel consulting services


Instagram Guide to the Best Pizza in Rome

If you are following me over on Instagram you have probably seen my series of mini-guides. I am expanding them here on my blog. Bookmark my Instagram Guide to the Best Pizza in Rome


How to enjoy the pleasures of Rome in August

Chiuso per Ferie Rome in August

Empty Rome near the Vatican

I wrote this piece last year making my case for staying in Rome for August. The website where it was originally published no longer exists so I will repost it here. 

You can find more of my August in Rome resources in this updated post.

Rome in August is a wonderful thing. That is not necessarily the most popular opinion. Most Romans leave the city for cooler Alpine climes or a spot under an umbrella somewhere along the literally thousands of kilometers of Italy’s shoreline. For those of us who stay there is a wonderful unflustered vibe to the usually chaotic city. You need to be a little more flexible if you are planning on spending time in Rome in August but armed with a few key tips you can experience your own Nanni Moretti in Caro Diaro moments. 



Instagram guide to the island of Ponza

My latest Instagram guide is to the island of Ponza, seven thin kilometers of volcanic rock that sits in the Tyrrhenian Sea in between Rome and Naples. 

If you have been following me for a while you know how much I love the island. I have made dozens of trips over the years. I have hiked empty trails in deepest winter & snagged the last table at Bar Tripoli on summer weekends when every seat on every ferry crossing is full. I am sharing some of my island secrets in this post but there is much more (like hotels & ferry information) in my updated e-book guide, Ponza Travel Essentials, that is available on Amazon.


Instagram Guide to the Best Pasta in Rome

Here is an expanded version of my Instagram guide to the best pasta in Rome.

Who doesn’t love a plate of pasta? We are not afraid of carbs here in the Longworth McGuire house and Roman classics are what we crave.

I am an Amatriciana girl. My son Noah, loves carbonara , and my husband, Mark orders cacio e pepe. Every. Single. Time.

We all love Gricia (because guanciale AND cheese? )

Tell me your favorite pasta dish in the comments and make sure thhat you bookmark this mini guide to some of my picks for pasta in Rome