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I am not spending much time here on the blog these days. If you are looking for me, don't worry, I am still writing and taking pictures. I post almost daily on Instagram . You can watch my stories and come along with me on walks through Rome, museum visits, and having coffee ( or wine or spritzes ) with pals. I have lots of  free guides to Rome neighborhoods and Venice Sestieri. There are also guides to my favorite shops and artisans. I started a regular newsletter over on Substack . I post three times a month. One article is for free subscribers. One detailed guide with a Google map is for paid subscribers. Paid subscribers also get a monthly Q&A post with me. I highlight a museum of the month. Sometimes I'll tell you what I am watching, listening to, and reading. Sometimes there is a Spotify playlist. Sometimes there will be photographs I haven't posted anywhere else. I am enjoying it over there and the subscription fees from my readers contribute to me being able to

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