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Pizza in Rome {Sforno}

Normally when we have pizza it's a Sunday night and Mark goes across the street to alle Carette and brings home a few takeout boxes of margherita and diavola that we eat while catching up with John Stewart's The Daily Show.


Food and Ghost Tour in Venice with Monica Cesarato

Food and Ghost Tour in Venice with Monica Cesarato
Enoteca da Roberto Aziende Agricole

Food and Ghost Tour in Venice with Monica Cesarato

This past summer when I went to Venice on my art filled trip I left the rest of my family behind.  The entire time I was there I wished that they were there with me. I saw so many things that I knew they would love as much as I did.  The 55th Venice Biennale ends on the 24th of November. In spite of work and college application deadlines and a nationwide transportation strike, we hopped a fast train and headed north for a few days.


Wine Tasting in Rome {Rimessa Roscioli}

Wine Tasting in Rome  {Rimessa Roscioli}

I love a celebration. I love it even more if someone else does all the planning and organizing. A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be in on a fun surprise for a dear friend that included very little planning and organizing on my part and lots of wine and good food. 

Tucked into a side street around the corner from the well known Roscioli deli (a source for cheddar cheese in Rome) and restaurant is the Rimessa Roscioli. A hidden space of walls full of books and wine bottles and plenty of tables and chairs for a festive and informative wine tasting.


Shopping in Rome {Closet}

The other day I had a errand to run in the swanky neighborhood.  I love going over there and wandering into the Coppede, with it's fantastical architecture and some surprisingly intact street art.

I had planned a stop at Natalizi, where all I will say is that they have a glazed, cream filled doughnut that rivals a Krispy Kreme, or maybe a visit to La Taqueria for an authentic steak taco.  What I definitely did not have planned was shopping for designer clothes.


Eating in Rome {Ristorante Babette}

Where to eat in Rome

Where to eat in Rome

This is a year of transitions. 

Good friends have moved to far away lands and embarked on exciting new projects. The Teenager is filling out college applications and adding to his senior year resume. We are preparing to go from a tight-knit unit of three to just two. 


A Place Like Home {Homebaked-Rome}

Are you craving a healthy salad, or wrap or even a PB&J?  Or how does a slice of warm from the oven apple pie sound? Homebaked, a brand new spot in Rome has all of these things.  and more.


Wide Open Spaces {Rosti-Rome}

Looking for a place with great food and lots of space for kids to run?  I found it for you. It's Rosti in the Pigneto neighborhood.