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Breakfast in Rome {Bakery House}

The latest offering for cupcakes and take-out coffee in Rome is Bakery House located in the swanky Trieste neighborhood.

Very high-tech with it's own iPhone App and iPads mounted on the walls. They pack a lot into this small, white, cheery space.

The Sunday brunch menu include Eggs Benedict and breakfast sandwiches (note: the cheese is Kraft-style american cheese slices. Ask for extra hollandaise on the side) The eggs were cooked perfectly. We didn't try the pancakes, but the neighboring table did and they looked great.  Bacon and eggs and pancakes are available even during the week. 

The bagels are more bread-like than chewy and a friend reports that the cream cheese spread is on the sweet side.

Desserts are where the skill is here. The apple pie has a perfect flaky crust and tastes just just mom makes. The enormous cheesecake slice is also right on the money. Cupcakes are cute and on the sweet side.

The service could be snappier, there were mistakes on the check that took two tries and three people to correct. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are working out the kinks.

Corso Trieste 157 b/c
+06 94377841
iPhone app
Delivery service during the week
Bonus points for having opening hours on their website


Neve bis

Here in Rome today, the sky is blue, birds are chirping, the sun is shining.  It is difficult to imagine that just a few days ago we were in a snowy wonderland.  

Below is a slideshow of what our few days of snow looked like to me.