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Eat Like a Roman {Beppe e Suoi Formaggi}

The other night we decided to do something different. Instead of watching a movie and getting takeout from Sitar we decided to venture out on a Saturday night. Out of the neighborhood even. We made plans with friends to make sure we really did it. We were starting the evening with an art opening near Campo di Fiori and after trying to make reservations at favorite hamburger spots and a new pizza place only to find them all already fully booked early on a Saturday afternoon I remembered why we usually stay home.


Shop Like a Roman {Mercato di Campagna Amica del Circo Massimo}

Shop Like a Roman

Shop Like a Roman

I really don't like crowds. Or general chaos. I know that does make living in Rome kind of a challenge right? I also don't really enjoy food shopping on the weekend. It feels a little too much like work when I should be playing somehow. The thing is I do love farmers markets. But, after a couple particularly unruly visits this past summer, I just stopped going. I found it so much calmer to shop from the back of a truck or an elegant butcher shop and buy my vegetables from my local fruttavendolo. In solitude. With no pushing. This past weekend my pal Elizabeth insisted she had a solution for me. 


Eat Like a Roman {The Roman Guy Food Tour}

Eat Like a Roman

Eat Like a Roman

Was one of your Christmas presents or New Years resolutions a trip to Rome? I sure hope so. As you get started on your planning here is an idea to add to your trip agenda.


Shop Like a Roman {L. DeAngelis}

Shop Like a Roman

Shop Like a Roman

One of the most elegant stores in Rome is a butcher shop. All gleaming marble and glass cases this is my kind of shopping. I stop here at least once a week to buy a farm raised chicken that I think makes the best roast chicken in Rome and freshly made sausages for Noah's favorite pasta dish when he is in town.


Eat Like a Roman {Trattoria da Danilo}

Eating in Rome // Trattoria Da Danilo

Trattoria Da Danilo // Eating in Rome

We have been going to the movies. A lot. Usually our movie going is a once every few weeks affair that happens on a Saturday afternoon with a cocktail and a hamburger afterwards. But there has been a bounty of films in English this month and my abject fear of missing one of them has led us to discovering something new. The midweek evening movie and dinner. The other delight of this rash of available films to see has been the new locations. We have no longer been limited to the screens of the Nuovo Olimpia and battling the shopping hoards along the via del Corso but have instead strolled over the river to Trastevere and up the road to Piazza Repubblica. This has opened up all kinds of dining opportunities.

The other night after a viewing of the very intense American Sniper, Noah was craving one last plate of carbonara before he headed back to Boston and Mark always wants cacio e pepe. Since we were up near-ish to Termini Da Danilo popped into my head.


Museums in Rome {Choistro del Bramante + Palazzo delle Esposizione}

Museums in Rome

The holidays are over. The days are cold. Lazy summer days feel very far away indeed. One of my favorite winter activities is a trip to a museum. While Noah was back in Rome for his school break we saw two terrific shows at two terrific museums in Rome.


Movies in Original Language in Rome

Movies in Rome

Readers of my blog (and anyone who knows me) know that I love going to the movies. I would go every day if I could. Or at the very least once a week. That is not so easy here in Rome where most films are dubbed. I can't bear it; The strange timing, the voices are all wrong, the whole dubbing thing is an abomination and gives me a headache. I would much rather read subtitles.

Since the tragic shuttering of the Metropolitan years ago, finding a film in English or original language is like a game of whack-a-mole. Just when it seems like one theater has signed onto the whole version originale thing they abruptly stop (Greenwich theater in Testaccio I am looking at you.) The winter months are usually a boon for great film going with new offerings almost every week. Here are my favorite places and a few resources for finding original language movies in Rome.

Nuovo Olimpia
Via in Lucina 16/g

This small theater just off the via del Corso almost always has both its screens showing films in original language.

Cinema Multisala Barberini
Piazza Barberini 24/25/26

I love going to a movie here. There are big theaters with comfy seats and the best thing of all, a concessions counter with popcorn and m&ms.

There are a few other theaters that regularly screen films in original language. These websites will help you track them down. Films are released on Thursdays and these sites usually have updated information by late Thursday morning.

In Rome Now

Rome Review

La Repubblica

Movies in Rome


Juice Bars in Rome

Juice in Rome

Juice in Rome

Oh all right, it's January. That time of year when we all commit to exercise and healthier eating. Now I would never advocate anything remotely like a cleanse but I do try and alternate my plates of carbonara and cake with the occasional fresh pressed beet, ginger, carrot and apple juice.

A few years ago here in Rome I could only find sad damp yoga studios and cupcake shops were all the rage. Now it feels like all those twee cupcake spots have been replaced by juice bars.

I have already told you about my wonderful yoga studio and some of my favorite places to get juice in Rome. Here are a few more.


Expats in Rome {Tess Amodeo-Vickery}

Since September my house has been very quiet. Before Noah left to study at the Berklee College of Music my house was filled with music. Either he was playing something, or working on something with friends or showing me something. 

When Noah began to get serious about music we understood that meant he needed quality instruments. A battered Guild guitar that Mark had bought decades before was replaced by a beautiful Martin, the cheap electronic keyboard was replaced with a proper upright piano and a much better quality electronic keyboard. Buying that keyboard years ago is how I met the musician Tess Amodeo-Vickery.