Eat Like a Roman {Beppe e Suoi Formaggi}

The other night we decided to do something different. Instead of watching a movie and getting takeout from Sitar we decided to venture out on a Saturday night. Out of the neighborhood even. We made plans with friends to make sure we really did it. We were starting the evening with an art opening near Campo di Fiori and after trying to make reservations at favorite hamburger spots and a new pizza place only to find them all already fully booked early on a Saturday afternoon I remembered why we usually stay home.

Inspiration struck when I thought of cheese.  Which made me think of Beppe e Suoi Formaggi in the ghetto. I usually go here for lunch or maybe a quick apertivo and almost always in the heat of the summer because it is one of the best air conditioned places in town. I had never been for dinner.

Since it was dinner on a winters night we started with a warmed dish of Bagna Cauda, all garlicky and anchovy-y (that's a word - right?) with an olive oil bite. We dipped skinny strips of crunchy carrots and wedges of tart apples and washed it all down with an easy bottle of Barbera. Now I knew the cheese here was extraordinary. The pasta at Beppe is also something quite special. It is a Piedmontese specialty called Tajarin made from special heritage flours and topped with indulgent white truffles or fragrant green pesto. We lingered over a dark chocolate ganache and a plate of dessert cheeses before heading back towards home.

Beppe e Suoi Formaggi
Via Santa Maria del Pianto, 9a/11
Closed Mondays


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