Juice Bars in Rome

Juice in Rome

Juice in Rome

Oh all right, it's January. That time of year when we all commit to exercise and healthier eating. Now I would never advocate anything remotely like a cleanse but I do try and alternate my plates of carbonara and cake with the occasional fresh pressed beet, ginger, carrot and apple juice.

A few years ago here in Rome I could only find sad damp yoga studios and cupcake shops were all the rage. Now it feels like all those twee cupcake spots have been replaced by juice bars.

I have already told you about my wonderful yoga studio and some of my favorite places to get juice in Rome. Here are a few more.

Via Boncompagni 14/D
Monday - Friday 8:30-19:00
Saturday 10:00-17:00

This is my Monday post hot yoga go to. You can get fresh juice (even kale!), salads (I love the salmon and mango), soups and sandwiches on whole grain bread. Since I am all about indulgence, another thing I really love about UJuice is that there is also always a nice selection of perfectly sized indulgent sweets.

Rumi Bottega Organica 
Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 133
Monday - Saturday 10:00-21:30

This teensy tiny place in Trastevere has fresh pressed fruit and vegetable juices, salads, wraps and a small refrigerator case with yogurt, organic milk, cheese, wine and beer.

Juice in Rome


  1. Such lovely photos! What's the weather like in Rome this time of year? It is as dreadful as the rest of Europe or are you southern Europeans as lucky as I imagine with sunshine?

    1. We can't really complain about winter here in Rome. Today was all bright blue and sunny skies. Sorry :)

    2. Gorgeous – I'm so jealous! :) Will just have to live vicariously through you!


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