Eat Like a Roman {Trattoria da Danilo}

Eating in Rome // Trattoria Da Danilo

Trattoria Da Danilo // Eating in Rome

We have been going to the movies. A lot. Usually our movie going is a once every few weeks affair that happens on a Saturday afternoon with a cocktail and a hamburger afterwards. But there has been a bounty of films in English this month and my abject fear of missing one of them has led us to discovering something new. The midweek evening movie and dinner. The other delight of this rash of available films to see has been the new locations. We have no longer been limited to the screens of the Nuovo Olimpia and battling the shopping hoards along the via del Corso but have instead strolled over the river to Trastevere and up the road to Piazza Repubblica. This has opened up all kinds of dining opportunities.

The other night after a viewing of the very intense American Sniper, Noah was craving one last plate of carbonara before he headed back to Boston and Mark always wants cacio e pepe. Since we were up near-ish to Termini Da Danilo popped into my head.

Da Danillo is one of those places that everyone writes about. It is on all kinds of lists of "the Best Trattorias in Rome." And yet I had never been there. 

We showed up without a reservation but we were cheerfully led downstairs where I had remembered reading horror stories of a sad room and terrible service. I am happy to report the dreaded "siberia" was cozy and quiet and the service was great. True it is not quite as charming as upstairs, but if you pitch up on a Monday night without a reservation it is absolutely fine. In the end it is all about the food. Right?

Our carbonara was that perfectly eggy, creamy crispy combination that I like best and the cacio e pepe mixed in a large wheel of pecorino lived up to the hype. Add a side of cicoria, a simple bottle of Cesanese, some tiramisu to share and you have a perfect Roman meal. 

Eating in Rome // Trattoria Da Danilo

Eating in Rome // Trattoria Da Danilo

Eating in Rome // Trattoria Da Danilo

Trattoria da Danilo
via Petrarca , 13 
Closed Sunday


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