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Good Neighbors {Romeo + Rome} CLOSED Opening in a new Testaccio location in 2017

Having a famous food writer as a neighbor is a great thing. For example, of one of the great things is phone calls for impromptu lunches in the middle of the week. The next thing you know you are eating fois gras sandwiches and drinking glasses of sparkly franciacorta.

All in the name of research.


You're It!

There is a silly game of tag going on over on Instagram.  

My pal Elizabeth tagged me it with the word essential.  I had to come up with pictures of five things I considered essential.  


Behind the Velvet Rope {Vatican Museums + Rome}

With friends reporting a dusting of snow just outside of Rome and thunder, lightening and a messy mix of rain and sleet bucketing down in my part of town, I have to admit, it was not easy to make myself go outside.  But the invitation for the VIP secret Vatican tour offered by Walks of Italy was too tantalizing to miss for some pesky weather. I made my way across town and just as I ventured outside the rain stopped and there were even slices of blue sky to glimpse.


The People You Meet in Rome {Non-Catholic Cemetery}

One of our family favorite activities on a Sunday afternoon in Rome is a wander in the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Testaccio.  We particularly love it in winter.  I know, it is more picturesque and colorful in the spring and early summer, but even on the grayest of winter gloom, this space is a transporting haven of green and peace.  But we really don't know much about it, preferring to dip in and out at our own pace.


Winter Pleasures {The Beach in January + Rome}

There are a great many good things about living in Rome. 18 degree winter afternoons, spent in the sunshine, having lunch at the beach, is one of my favorites.


Home {Gillian's List of Links}

This week's links are about "Home"  Home is a tricky thing when you are an expat. I was born and grew up in Eastern Tennessee. I went to college in DC. I worked and met my husband, Mark in Niger, West Africa. The Teenager was a baby and then a little boy in Zimbabwe and now we are here in Rome. All of these places are Home. It has been a long time since I have lived in the south, but it is never far from me. I make jugs of sweet tea all summer. I long for the sound of the cicadas and a plate of Buddy's BBQ and listen to my fair share of country music. 


High On the Green Hill {Cafe Vert + Rome}

You probably know I rarely leave my neighborhood. That said, as much as I love Monti I also love exploring.


A Warm Drink {Befana in Rome}

The holidays linger in Rome, with celebrations only winding down with the arrival of Befana on the night of January 5.


Up Close {Museums in Rome}

My friend Veronica is one of the smartest people I know. We call her Wikipedia. It is a such a delight to walk around Rome or go to a museum with her because she knows everything. Really. Every single thing there is to know about art and history in Rome. Unfortunately there is much less walking around and museum going these days because Veronica has gone and moved to Singapore to be the head of the Italian Cultural Institute.  Lucky for me she has been back in Rome for the holidays and filled with suggestions of exhibits to see that I would never get around to seeing left to my own devices.