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Italy Christmas Gift Guide 2015 {Gillian's Links}

I have been reading a lot of articles about how much more valuable experiences vs things are. This past summer my best college pal and I spent hours reading, discussing and putting into practice the Marie Kondo philosophy of less stuff and sparking joy. This years Italy Christmas Gift Guide is perfect for the last minute gift giver and anyone who is planning a trip to Italy. This year it’s all about an experience and not a physical thing.


Cocktails in Rome {Suburra 1930}

Cocktails in Rome

Cocktails in Rome

For some reason it is surprisingly difficult to get a good cocktail in Monti. All those articles claiming my neighborhood is so hip and trendy and the yet cocktail scene has been pretty much limited to a Negroni in the Piazza. Things are finally changing.

Last Saturday my pal Elizabeth sent me a text asking if Mark and I wanted to meet her and Domenico for a burger. That is a request I never say no to. Since it was Saturday and we live in what is billed as the hip and trendy neighborhood we though let's start with a cocktail and I remembered spotting an very well designed Art Deco style sign in a once abandoned corner near the Cavour Metro stop.


Where to Eat and Drink in Turin {Torino}

Where to eat and drink in Turin

Where to eat and drink in Turin

A trip to Torino (or Turin as we English speakers call it) is a Franco+Italiophile dream come true. Wide boulevards, neighborhoods that feel like the Marais and lots of chocolate are just a little bit of what I discovered on a recent trip to this town that sits at the foot of the Alps.

A pal invited me along on a trip with promises of visiting the historic cafes of Torino, plates of agnolotti and glasses of Barolo. I booked the super fast Frecciarossa 1000 and headed to Italy's northwestern corner. I am happy to share our discoveries about where to eat in Turin with you.